ISPO Award 2016/2017: Outdoor

There aren’t many segments as versatile and multi-faceted as the Outdoor segment. It embraces all products required for mountaineering, hiking, camping, trekking, and other outdoor activities. The abundance of products is the reason for the Outdoor ISPO Award's recurring fascination and excitement.

PRODUCT OF THE YEAR OUTDOOR: Vertical — X-OS Treklight 38L+10L
PRODUCT OF THE YEAR OUTDOOR: Vertical — X-OS Treklight 38L+10L

Safety and functionalities play a particularly central role. They are not only responsible for pleasure or pain, but they can also decide on well-being and survival in case of an emergency. Accordingly, the jury comprising athletes, extreme mountaineers, journalists, retailers, and even consumers is very rigorous. 

Here are the Gold Winners of ISPO Award 2016/2017:



And here are the Winners:




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19 Gold Winners and a Product of the Year representative on stage: The group photo of the Snowsports Award winners 2018.
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