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Bluesign Technologies AG, PR Manager


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Christine Waeber is working as a public relations manager for bluesign technologies ag since the foundation in the year 2000. She has studied economics in Switzerland and France. Furthermore studies and teaching in performing arts (dance/musical), physiological motion and fitness sports.

Christine is actively involved in all forms of healthy living (nutrition, biota, clothing, sports activities, homeopathy etc.) since decades.

Furthermore he is a passionate snowboarder, PADI rescue diver and downhill biker.

"The core system partners from bluesign technologies, where I started with my husband 15 years ago, are outdoor brands. My experience proofs that such brands have to be creative constantly to be successful and meet the customer’s and outdoor activist’s rising expectations. Without the outdoor brands we wouldn’t have exciting new developments that influence also the fashion industry. In this relation the ispo outdoor award can have an important signal effect beyond the outdoor business. It’s a hard job to judge and select the best products since most of them deserve an award. However, for me as an outdoor lover and enthusiast it’s a great honor to be member of this jury award and it’s my great pleasure to contribute with my experience and expertise to the selection of the right product."

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