Hamburg: Last Olympic chance lost for this generation

The citizens of Hamburg have voted No to the 2024 bid, sealing the fate of the last opportunity to host Olympic Games in Germany “for this generation”. That is the opinion of Alfons Hörmann, president of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB).

On fire: Hamburg's logo for the Olympic candidature
They were not on fire: The official slogan for Hamburg's candidature didn't convince enough citizens.

“It is clear that the Olympic ideal and Germany somehow do not match at the moment”, said Hörmann. Two years ago, the people of Munich also rejected the city's bid to host the Olympic Winter Games in 2022.

Financial reasons will have been an important factor for the 51.6% of voters in Hamburg who chose No on the ballot. The German federal government had consistently refused to issue a general guarantee to cover all the estimated 6.2 billion Euros that the games would have cost and the city of Hamburg was due to provide 1.2 billion Euros of that total. The costs of the application alone ran to six million Euros, plus further millions provided by sponsors.

Hamburg's No vote could affect Sports Business in Germany, for example German football's bid to host the European Championships in 2024. The interim head of the German FA (DFB), Rainer Koch, now intends to “analyse the results of the referendum in detail”.

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