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Munich Mash 2016: How the Action Sports Event is Going

Action sports at their finest; that’s Munich Mash 2016. When the Olympic Park in Munich came into being in 1972, mountain biking, skateboarding, and wakeboarding didn’t even exist. 44 years later, it’s about to get really loud.

Dominik is the local hero at the wakeboarding contest at Munich Mash 2016.
Dominik is the local hero at the wakeboarding contest at Munich Mash 2016.

The ducks have already fled: much too much commotion on the Olympic Lake. Since mid-June things have been hammered, sawed, and bolted in around the otherwise quiet waters in Munich’s Olympic Park.

That's because, from July 1-3, 2016, the best action athletes in the world are going to make for a spectacle: The top stars of wakeboarding, skateboarding, and mountain biking are coming to Munich Mash – for the third annual Munich Mash.

Mash, which stands for “Munich Action Sports Heroes.”

Munich Mash: “The location is unbelievable”

“The Munich Mash is one of the hardest competitions,” says mountain bike slopestyle star Sam Pilgrim. That’s saying something, as the 25-year-old Briton has already proven that the course suits him, having ranked second (2014) and fifth (2015). “First place would be nice this time,” laughs Pilgrim, who has 220,000 Facebook fans.

For the Swatch Prime Line, which is mountain bike slopestyle of the finest sort, 2,700 cubic meters of sand were modeled into spectacular obstacles. Participating are the best athletes of the FMB World Tour 2016.

After his victory last year, world-class rider Brett Rheeder from Canada raved, “The fans in Germany are incredible!” Pilgrim can only concur: “Munich has a fantastic location, so close to the city center but green nevertheless, like in the countryside.”

Visitors at Munich Mash 2016 are set to get even more features and more demanding tricks to watch. “That’s great for the people, for me it means more stress,” says Pilgrim.

After losing the X Games three years ago, Arno Hartung, managing director of Olympiapark GmbH, fought to put together a worthy successor event. “Mash has become a roof for action sports where you can switch the sports,” says Hartung. That’s how the elites of wakeboarding are meeting for the first time at the Big Air contest on the Olympic Lake. BMX is falling out of the program in return.

Skateboarding superstar Nyjah Huston coming

The world’s largest professional skateboarding series is also celebrating its premiere in Munich: The Olympic Ice Rink will provide the kick-off for the Street League Skateboarding Nike SB World Tour 2016, the single competition site in all of Europe. 

Skateboarding rookie Cody is aware of the importance of this competition: “I’m preparing just as intensively as I would at other important contests.” He’s less interested in what the competition is doing than he is in the challenge to continuously improve: “I just live in my own world.”

Golden boy and favorite of the fans: Nyjah Huston has 2,2 Million Facebook fans.
Golden boy and favorite of the fans: Nyjah Huston has 2,2 Million Facebook fans. Golden boy and favorite of the fans: Nyjah Huston has 2,2 Million Facebook fans.

What is clear, however: Some true superstars from America are coming to the skateboarding contest: among them are Nyjah Huston and Shane O’Neill. That Munich Mash also offers a strong platform for skateboarders is a view shared by Street League head Brian Atlas in an interview with ISPO.COM.

Munich Mash taking wakeboarding to a new level

Munich has advanced to become a constant in action sports. Wakeboarder and two-time world champion Aaron Gunn is excited: “Munich Mash is going to bring our sport to an entirely new level.” 

Why? The big air ramp is larger than most others in the scene. That way, the athletes will have to opportunity to perform some spectacular tricks.

And wakeboarding star Daniel Grant tells, “It’s going to be an awesome show. I’m already really looking forward to the training units – then we’ll see what all we can get up to on the kicker.”

These are the stars at wakeboard contest, around local hero Dominik Gührs.

Action sports without music? That won’t work!

Once again this year, you won’t fail to hear at the Munich Mash that the action sports industry can’t go without music. Among the lineup are local hero Roger Rekless, the winner of the Newcomer Contest Bayern named Williams Orbit, and Canadian rock sleeper Caravane.

Organizers of the Munich Mash naturally aren’t ignoring the fact that Saturday evening has special significance for soccer fans (Germany is playing the European Championship quarterfinals against Italy at 9 p.m.). “We’ve made a couple small changes to the program so that all visitors to the DONOTS concert can visit the public viewing in the Olympic Stadium,” assures Seipp.

Munich Mash: many more years in Munich

Action sports enthusiasts who want know how the pros feel can use the two days after the Munich Mash (July 4 and 5) to try out the elaborately designed skateboard course in the Olympic Ice Rink. “It’s the perfect combo of top-class sports and popular sports,” believes Olympic Park Managing Director Hartung. That’s how the built 15 tons of wood and six truckloads of concrete are also coming in useful for skateboarding and BMX amateurs, as well.

And those who can’t make it to Munich Mash this year can take comfort. Olympic Park head Hartung: “There’s no doubt: After the third there’ll also be a fourth, a fifth, a sixth, and a seventh annual Munich Mash.”

Video preview of Munich Mash 2016

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Sarah Caggiano
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Sarah Caggiano
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