Auroco Launches Crowdfunding Campaign: Climb without A Belay Partner with The Epic

Climbing without a belayer is really not a good idea: Up to now, you always needed a partner before you could head for the climbing hall or the rock face. Auroco has now launched a crowdfunding campaign for their new product called “Epic”. With this small box, climbers no longer have to rely on their partners but can rely completely on this small companion. 

This small box belays the climber: This is how to be safe without a partner.
This small box belays the climber: This is how to be safe without a partner.

Auroco is actually just a two man company: Jan Lohse and Florian Widmesser are the founders and developers of the Epic, which has already become a Goldwinner in the ISPO Award 2016/2017 in the outdoor category. The jury said: “A new level of safety and freedom when climbing, but also for the entire sector.” 

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Climb solo – quite safely

This small belaying box is not yet in series production. So far the two developers have specialized on safety at work, but they are now developing the Epic especially for climbing as a sport. The rope can be let out and taken up if the climber falls, the electronics block the rope to stop the fall. By the way, the name Epic comes from Electronic Partner for Individual Climbing.

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This will take you to the climbing pioneers’ crowdfunding action: The first two stages of 50,000 and 100,000 euros have already been reached and the new goal is to make it to 150,000 euros. Up until 11 September you can still participate in the crowdfunding. It is already quite clear: The protection works, as this small box has already got the test certificate for its EU approval.


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