“Active City”: Hamburg Investing Massively in Sports Infrastructure, Despite Olympics Out

The citizens of Hamburg may have decided against the Olympics in their city, but the multi-million inhabitant metropolis on the Elbe River still wants to invest massively in the expansion of sports infrastructure by 2024. In its masterplan “Active City,” the senate names 26 sports project and six recommendations which roughly 50 million euros are set to be funneled into.

Hamburg is mobilizing: The masterplan “Active City” shows which sports projects are to be invested in.
Hamburg is mobilizing: The masterplan “Active City” shows which sports projects are to be invested in.

About 60 percent of the investments are set to benefit mass sports, while 40 percent is set to go to promoting top-class sports. “Even back in 2010, Hamburg possessed the most athletically active population of all major cities in Germany,” reads the classification in the masterplan “Active City.” “80 percent of Hamburg inhabitants were athletically active; in total, over 130 sports and activities were practiced.”

Hamburg wants to make use of Olympics movement

Hamburg wants to make use of the positive side effects of its Olympic application, which ultimately foundered in a citizen referendum, for sports development. Supposedly, people want to use “the boost that’s arisen in the past year.”

Five fields of action are said to be “especially important”: 

  • school and club sports,
  • sports in public spaces
  • sports for everyone,
  • young competitive sports,
  • top-class sports.

Investments in tennis and regatta facilities

Other than that, the plan entails demolishing the old tennis stadium in the borough of Rothenbaum. “New construction will secure the existence of the ATP Tournament,” announced the Hanseatic city. In addition, investments are planned for the Allermöhe regatta facility on the Dove Elbe; no doubt to also apply for the 2021 rowing world championship.

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