FAQ OutDoor by ISPO 2023

Together with leading sports and outdoor brands, the trade and industry associations, Messe München has decided: OutDoor by ISPO 2023 will take place from June 4 to 6 at the MOC Munich Order and Convention Center. To answer any questions you may have about the shift of date, the location, and the registration process, we have outlined the most important ones below.

Why the MOC?

We moved OutDoor by ISPO 2022 to the MOC because it was one of the only places where we could hold the long-awaited trade show at the right time. We expected a healthy mixture of challenges and positive results, but we were entirely blown away by the enthusiastic feedback from the trade. When we met together (EOG and ISPO) to discuss feedback themes from the sector, item number one on everyone’s list was responding to the industry’s requests to stay for another year at the MOC. The ambiance, close proximity, layout, format, and accessibility of the venue contributed to a long-missed atmosphere of closeness and a relaxed, yet highly productive few days. The future of OutDoor by ISPO still lies with the Messe München in Riem in 2024 and 2025, but we want to make that transition carefully, and under the right conditions. Our aim is to build upon the success of 2022 by responding to the trade and going back to the MOC once more to continue building momentum around OutDoor by ISPO.

Why the new dates?

We know that the dates are just as important as the venue for OutDoor by ISPO. For that reason we have toiled endlessly to find the best possible dates for 2023 and beyond. Multiple variables contribute to establishing a date for a show - regional holidays, seasonal buying timelines, sample/product availability, other regional or buying shows and adjacent sectors, and of course the go-to-market differences that exist across our several product categories in the trade. There are no dates that meet all of these needs and we apologise if your specific case is subject to some of those misalignments. What we can confidently say is that the decision process is considerate and very detailed, and that the feedback from the trade has been decisively for moving to an earlier date. For that reason, 2023 will be June 04-06 at the MOC, and then we will return to Riem for 2024 on June 03-05, and again in 2025 on May 19-21.

This gives us time to look ahead and begin preparations for 2024 starting now. We can use another year at the MOC to grow the event from last year and at the same time gather data and feedback around what most contributes to the energetic and compelling atmosphere. We should make the move back to Riem when we are certain that we can provide the right experience, and when we are certain that the event has grown to fit the facilities.

Future OutDoor by ISPO dates and locations:

  • 2023: June 04-06 @ Munich Order and Convention Center (MOC)
  • 2024: June 03-05 @ Messe München, Riem
  • 2025: May 19-21 @ Messe München, Riem

Are trade shows necessary anymore?

This is an important question, and perhaps one of the most common we hear from members of the trade. If you had the incredible opportunity to attend OutDoor by ISPO 2022, then you will undoubtedly agree that the answer is a resounding yes. A trade event like OutDoor by ISPO is a complex accumulation of many different opportunities - demonstrating product, networking, discussing trade-wide issues, integrating your teams into the wider outdoor sector, monitoring and experiencing trends as they develop in real-time, positioning your brand or organisation within the sector, and of course enjoying a summer barbecue with our cherished outdoor community. Perhaps some of these individual components can be recreated elsewhere or move to a digital space, but as those who joined us in June will attest, when they all come together at the same time it is truly something special. Likewise a trade show is clearly the most efficient and cost effective way to do all the above.

What improvements can I expect from 2022?

The primary objective for OutDoor by ISPO 2022 was to bring everyone back together. The MOC was a vehicle to accomplish just that, but timelines were incredibly short and we did not view it as a long-term investment at the time. Now, with ample time and ample feedback from the recent attendees at the MOC, we are in a position to make some fairly significant improvements over an already widely successful experience in 2022. You can expect to see:

  • An uncompromising commitment to improved communications with a far earlier timeline in place and managed calendar. We will also improve feedback loops and support channels for vocalising and responding to emerging concerns.
  • Additional space on site, and more efficient usage of the space from OutDoor by ISPO 2022
  • More outdoor space on the lawns
  • Better usage of the upstairs atriums and the show rooms on the top floor
  • Better/clearer sponsorship packages and communications opportunities

When can the exhibition stand be booked?

From September onwards, all participation options with detailed conditions will be online and the exhibition stands can be booked. The decision to return to the MOC is in response to very clear trade feedback, and we have already begun the work of optimising and developing the space to be far more efficiently used. But the space is still significantly smaller than what we are used to in Riem. We strongly suggest that to avoid disappointment, you book early as we expect the show to sell out quickly.

In 2023, there will again be a wide range of participation options - from pure stand space to pre-built brand spaces and communication packages just like sponsoring packages.

Detailed information can be found soon at:

What Spaces are available for me to book?

Those who attended the OutDoor by ISPO 2022 at the MOC will be aware of the varying spaces on offer. We have spaces within the main halls as you know from previous venues, we also have space on the Atrium floors where we can have pre-fab or bespoke stand spaces, and we have areas outside available for your use. Also available are the showrooms on the upper floor where many brands already have permanent showrooms. Of course it is also possible to take a mixture of all these spaces and ISPO can support how these packages work together.

How do I book space?

Great question, we expect stand space to be at a premium so book early to avoid disappointment.
You can find more information and how to book soon at:

What sponsorship opportunities exist for 2023?

As well as booking space for your organisation it will also be possible to further build your presence at the show by sponsoring a range of events, spaces, or presentations. For more information please contact Alexandra Seil.

How do I get tickets for my retail partners to attend the show?

In 2023, the service tool Connect by ISPO will again be available free of charge, with which you can invite your retail partners to OutDoor by ISPO and organize your meetings.

When can visitor tickets be purchased?

From the end of the year, the ticket shop will be online and tickets for OutDoor by ISPO will be available.

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