Golf: Nike Withdraws from Golf Club Production

The largest sportswear manufacturer in the world, Nike, withdraws from the production of golf clubs, balls and bags: The reason: The golf market does not yield the same level of sales as before. Nike thereby follows its competitor Adidas.

Must soon get himself a new golf club: Tiger Woods was supplied with equipment by Nike.
Must soon get himself a new golf club: Tiger Woods was supplied with equipment by Nike.

Whilst the golfers in Rio look forward to the 2016 Olympic Games, the entire industry must suffer a setback. With immediate effect, Nike will only produce shoes and clothing for golf and will thereby bear the consequences from the falling sales. 

In a press release, Trevor Edwards, the President of Nike Brand: Following the sharp fall in sales in the last three years, this is the only correct decision. We want to be the market leader in golf shoes and clothing.”

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Nike supplied golf stars with clubs

This decision especially effects top players such as Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, whose club supplier is the sportswear manufacturer from Oregon. In addition, there are a further 20 top players. It is still unclear whether the contracts with the athletes will be completely dissolved. As recently as the end of July, Nike Golf posted a video with McIlroy and the teaser “Unlimited Grit” – however, the continued investment of audacity into sports has now come to an end.

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As early as May 2016, Adidas, who was then the largest producer of golf items, announced that the brand Adidas Golf would only continue to be commissioned with the production of clothing and shoes. Since then, the German Group has also avoided the production of golf clubs and balls.

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