That is the ISPO AWARD

Every year ISPO honors the most exceptional products of the sports industry with ISPO AWARD. ISPO itself is far more than a display of new products. It is the leading international platform for the entire sports business. Many decision makers and creative minds behind the brands meet at the show.

That is how the GOLD WINNER AWARD looks like
That is how ISPO AWARD for GOLD WINNERS looks like.

ISPO AWARD is divided into the five segments: Action, Outdoor, Ski, Performance and Health & Fitness which each are again divided into product-specific categories.

An independent, international jury evaluated the entries for each individual division and selected the best entries to be honored with the following titles:

ISPO AWARD PRODUCT OF THE YEAR – for the best overall product, selected from the GOLD WINNERs of each segment.

ISPO AWARD GOLD WINNER – for the best product of a single category

ISPO AWARD WINNER – for additional projects/products within a category deserving an award.

ISPO AWARD ECO ACHIEVEMENT BRAND - for a brand that displays a significant commitment to sustainability.

ISPO AWARD ECO ACHIEVEMENT APPAREL – for a significantly sustainable product.

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