ISPO Award 2016/2017: Asian Products

The Asian Products Division of ISPO Award reflects the enormous potential of Asian sports brands, names their master- minds, and energizes the global market. At the same time, it also eliminates some preconceptions. The Know-How of Asian brands is extremely high, but many brands lack international recognition. The Asian market offers exceptional innovations that need not fear international comparison. 

PRODUCT OF THE YEAR in the segment ASIAN PRODUCTS: Kailas — “EDGE” Climbing Backpack 35L
Product of the Year in the segment Asian Products: Kailas — “EDGE” Climbing Backpack 35L

The international Jury awarded several products for ISPO Award 2016/2017.

Here are the Gold Winners:



And here are the Winners in the segment Asian Products:



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19 Gold Winners and a Product of the Year representative on stage: The group photo of the Snowsports Award winners 2018.
Each year, the renowned Jury of ISPO AWARD marks the best products of the sports industry. These are the winners of 2018.