Garmin is Bringing the First Fitness Tracker for Children to the Market

Do your children get enough exercise? The Swiss wearables brand Garmin is bringing the first fitness tracker for children aged four to ten with vívofit jr. to the market. Using the tracker, parents can “assign chores and even hand out virtual rewards,” Garmin shared.

The fitness tracker “motivates kids to get moving”, says Garmin.
The fitness tracker “motivates kids to get moving”, says Garmin.

Garmin’s reasoning behind the product is that too many children are overweight and not active enough. The fitness tracker will help children to “create healthy habits while they are young,” says the wearable manufacturer based in Schaffhausen, Germany.

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vívofit jr. can also be used as a wristwatch. It works as a pedometer and records different activities and even number of hours spent sleeping. It will be available from October (RRP $79.99).

Fitness Tracker for Children: Parents Can Give Rewards for Activities

Garmin is promising functions specifically oriented towards children:

  • battery life of up to a year,
  • waterproof up to 50 meters,
  • colorful, customized silicon appearance
  • and a mobile app for parents.

Garmin also revealed that parents will be able to set up a rewards system for their children: “By completing their assigned chores, kids earn virtual coins to collect and then exchange for rewards you have agreed on.” If the parent wants to set a time limit for a certain task, “a timer is accessible from the vívofit jr. band for a reminder that time to finish their task is ticking down.”

Video: How Garmin’s vívofit jr. Fitness Tracker Works

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