Guidefinder: New app for individual mountain hikes with professional guides

Guidefinder is the first free self-service platform for guided mountain hikes. Ambitious mountaineers and mountain beginners can find and book individual tours with a guide simply and fast via the app or website.

Guidefinder-Logo with beautful alps in the background.
Finds you the right mountain guide for your hike: Guidefinder.

The app is designed for people that don’t have much time for independent hike planning but are still looking for a safe, guided mountain experience. The founders of the platform want to get a wider audience excited for guided mountain tours.

At the same time the participants – with the help of qualified guides – will be introduced to the safety aspects and technical know-how of alpine sports, including mountaineering, climbing, hiking, ski touring, freeriding, mountain biking and canyoning.

Guidefinder is an official partner of the German and Austrian mountain guide associations, VDBS and VÖBS, and only works with certified mountain and ski guides.

The Guidefinder app is available for iOS and Android devices.

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