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  • OutDoor by ISPO
    Experience platform
    With 1.018 exhibitors and more than 22.000 trade visitors, OutDoor by ISPO launched a new era for the outdoor industry from June 30 to July 3. Under the motto “There’s a perfect outdoor for everyone,” Europe’s largest outdoor trade fair was held for the first time in Munich. A spirit of new beginnings was perceptible at the premiere. A new, open hall concept, 18 focus areas inside and outside the halls as well as a far-reaching supporting program for trade visitors turned the fair into an experience platform for the modern outdoor world. The industry concentrated on one theme in particular: sustainability.
  • OutDoor by ISPO
    Lecture about the topic outdoor
    From climbing, hiking and trail running to water sports, adventure travel and urban outdoor: more than 1,000 exhibitors from 35 countries will be showcasing their latest products from June 30 to July 3, 2019 at the first ever OutDoor by ISPO trade fair in Munich. What does the future hold for “outdoor”? How can the sector continue to grow? What does it mean for the individual members of this sector? The innovative products being showcased by the brands taking part as well as the extensive supporting program focusing on specific topics will provide answers to these questions.
  • OutDoor by ISPO
    Topic sustainability
    Environmentally friendly. Fair. Sustainable. For several years now sustainability has been emerging from its ecological niche into the forefront. According to a survey by Statista and YouGov from 2018, 79 percent of Germans consider sustainability to be an important topic. In its international survey from 2015, market research firm Nielsen also came to the conclusion that consumers worldwide want to act in a responsible manner—and they expect that from businesses, too. Among those surveyed, 50 percent indicated that they are influenced by sustainable factors when making a purchase. For the outdoor segment, global challenges such as climate change, plastic waste and species extinction are major issues also, or precisely, because outdoor sports generally take place in nature. This is also evident when looking at the innovations and visions for summer 2020 being presented at the OutDoor by ISPO trade fair in Munich from June 30 through July 3.
  • OutDoor by ISPO
    Stand Up Paddling
    Urban outdoor, outdoor yoga and standup paddleboarding (SUP)—the incentives for spending time outdoors are becoming increasingly diverse. From millennials and families to senior citizens, different target groups with different requirements have their own interpretation of what “outdoor” means to them and are enjoying it their own way, for example through luxury camping and minimalist bike travel. The main outdoor trends and developments for 2020 that go beyond classic activities have been summarized below for you. They will be on show with many other innovative products for the first time in Munich from June 30 to July 3, 2019 at Europe’s biggest outdoor trade show OutDoor by ISPO.
  • OutDoor by ISPO
    CorOutdoor equipment
    Climbing and bouldering are establishing themselves as leisure activities fit for the masses and trail running promises a combination of physical endurance and a natural setting. Outdoor adventures are part and parcel of the German way of life and even during vacations trekking is a great way of getting back to nature. Requirements in terms of the equipment involved are the same with all activities: what consumers want is a comprehensive, stress-free package, and functionality and lightweight construction are the top priorities. Sustainability is also an important issue in this regard (see specific OutDoor by ISPO Trend Report).
  • OutDoor by ISPO
    OutstandingOutdoor Jury
    The first winners of the new Outstanding Outdoor Award have been selected. After reviewing 203 nominations in 28 categories, the international jury of experts selected products that set new standards in terms of their special functionality, striking design, safety improvements or exceptional innovation. Another constant focal point: sustainability. The Outstanding Outdoor Award places the winners in a powerful spotlight and serves as an important guide about current and future trends for retailers, the media and consumers. The awards will be presented on June 30, 2019 during the OutDoor by ISPO trade fair.
  • OutDoor by ISPO
    Camping in Munich
    This summer, Europe’s biggest outdoor trade fair, OutDoor by ISPO, will be taking place for the first time ever in Munich. However, it’s not just the trade visitors who will be part of the new outdoor movement—end consumers will be able to get in on the act as well. This is because a range of events and activities open to everyone will be taking place in the wider metropolitan region of Munich from June 29 to July 6 as part of OutDays, which will be running in parallel to the trade fair.