Red Bull Freerunner Jason Paul Becomes Freezerunner in Chinese Ice City

The freerunner from Frankfurt, Jason Paul, transforms a Chinese ice city in Harbin into a glass-smooth playground: The Red Bull athlete makes freerunning on ice into Freezerunning.

Jason Paul makes the ice city in Harbin his playground.
Jason Paul makes the ice city in Harbin his playground.

Since 1985 the north Chinese city Harbin has held the “International Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival” annually. That’s no surprise when temperatures are constantly under minus 25 degrees.

Every year on an area as big as twelve football pitches, 10,000 workers and ice sculptors build buildings, bridges and other structures from ice blocks.

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The perfect play park for Jason Paul: “I had seen fascinating pictures of Harbin on the internet and I thought to myself what an epic playground for a freerunner! I was overwhelmed when I first arrived in the ice city at minus 30 degrees after months of preparation.” 

A New Playground Every Year

For Paul it’s more than just about the mere scenery. “The idea was to push freerunning to a new level. I wanted to perform tricks and choreographies which are only possible on ice”, says the freerunner.

His personal highlight: “That was surely the flip from a slope onto the slide, followed by a somersault with a twist from the ridge. Without studs that would have been a proper challenge!”

For Paul, the visit to Harbin should be more than just a one-day wonder. Since the ice city is built every year from scratch with new ice sculptures, a new playground will be in store time and again. So there are bright prospects for the 25-year old. “I’d love to come back.”

VIDEO: Jason Paul freezerunning in Harbin:

Impressive scenery: The ice city in Harbin.
Impressive scenery: The ice city in Harbin.
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