7 days, 7 good news stories: a heroic victory in the Tour-de-France, a head wash for the bathing cap ignoramuses and a football club taking a stand against racism.

Days, 7 Good News: Mourning, Tears and Triumphs

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We find: Every now and then it needs good news. Especially from sports. In our Good News we serve you every week seven news that make our - and hopefully your - sports heart beat faster. Because the news is fun. Because they are trend-setting. Because they show new trends. Because they sprinkle a pinch of absurdity in a much too serious world. Or because they simply bring joy. The main thing is to be in a good mood - that's our motto in this news format. And we get started right away. With an Oxford victory in traditional rowing, the first DFB Secretary General and a Formula 1 hero who admits weakness.


After 122 Years: Heike Ullrich First Female General Secretary at the DFB

More than a century had to pass before a woman as the first general secretary stirred up the German Football Association. After a good year in an acting capacity, Heike Ullrich officially takes over. The 52-year-old graduate sports economist has worked for the DFB since 1996 and is involved in women's and girls' soccer, among other things. She would like to see "a self-evident enthusiasm for football as a whole, recognition and appreciation, where no distinction is made between men's and women's soccer, but both are seen as an attractive and challenging proposition." Since we can only enthusiastically agree!


Run For the Heavy Young Souls

Who is sad, quickly gets the head free while running. Here is now a run to get quite a few heads clear of sadness and grief. The Nicolaidis Young Wings Foundation is calling on people to support its bereavement group services with an athletic charity challenge in May. The foundation's mission is to help especially young grievers in their time of need, providing relief for difficult young souls. From May 1 to 31, individual runners, businesses or groups can participate. They should run, count their miles, post accomplishments and, of course, collect donations. Last year came together over 24,000 donation run kilometers - under the patronage of skiing legend Hilde Gerg goes but this year something more, or?


Darling, it's Oxford

What an extraordinary tradition: On the London Thames once again the rowers of the universities of Cambridge and Oxford have launched their boats for the traditional Boat Race. Even audience was again admitted, we are very pleased. Who won this duel that has been going on for about 200 years? Darling, it's Oxford - for the 81st time in total, thus shrinking the gap to the 85-time winner Cambridge. In the women's, however, won the Cambridge rowers, who are now far ahead with 46 to 30 wins.


763 Infinite Days Yet Over

It was 763 days. Or 18,312 hours. Or 1,098,720 minutes. So all in all an eternity that Borussia Dortmund Germany's largest soccer stadium was not allowed to sell out. But now the lockout of soccer fans is over. And because fans in Dortmund and all the other soccer cities in Germany were really up for watching their teams play, the past soccer weekend turned into one big spectacle. Well, the fact that the 81,365 people in Dortmund saw an away win by Leipzig might have hurt a little bit. But we still say: You never walk alone!


An Honest Formula 1 Hero

A scratch or a bump is no disgrace, Lewis Hamilton. And such candor the sign of great strength: the psyche of Formula One's record-breaking world champion seems to have suffered a few knocks from constant competition. With admirable honesty, Hamilton wrote that it was sometimes hard for him to stay positive. "I have been struggling for a long time with mental and emotional problems to fight, it is a great effort to continue, but we must continue to fight, we have so much to do and achieve," wrote the 37-year-old. Keep fightin'


After Chemotherapy to the Vice Championship

Your athletic performance has always been outstanding. With the saying even more outstanding it is hard to increase what swimming-Paralympics winner Elena Semechin has now achieved. The visually impaired 28-year-old, who swam to a gold medal in Tokyo under her birth name Kravtsov, had been diagnosed with a brain tumor after her victory. The tumor has been surgically removed since November, but until a few days ago the Berliner was still receiving chemotherapy. Nevertheless, she jumped into the pool to compete at the German Championships. On a hundred meters breast Semechin became German vice-champion - in view of this medical history one of the greatest sporting successes ever achieved.


Sports Training Drives Away Sorrow and Worries

"We were lazy as raccoons," said the advertising grandpa, whom the federal government had enlisted for its PR strategy for the most consistent Corona lockdown possible. In the commercial, that was funny - in real life, it's not really. If you're still not convinced that too much inertia makes you sluggish overall, you're now getting it in black and white from Asics. The sporting goods manufacturer asked athletes to do nothing for a week. Athletes including Olympic sprinter Iwan Thomas stopped training. However, they did not have the physical consequences examined by Professor Brendon Stubbs, but rather the psychological effects. Minor spoiler: They weren't good. Self-confidence dropped, positive attitudes declined, the mental energy level plummeted, and also Stress relieve the athletes were less able to do. So let the raccoons be lazy, and get yourselves up to train.