Days, 7 Good News: Cycling World Championship in Africa and a beer comeback

LISTICLE | 09/29/2021
7 days, 7 good news stories: a heroic victory in the Tour-de-France, a head wash for the bathing cap ignoramuses and a football club taking a stand against racism.
Antonia Wille

We think: Every now and then you need good news. Especially from the world of sports. In our Good News we serve you seven news every week that make our - and hopefully your - sports heart beat faster. Because the news is fun. Because they are trend-setting. Because they show new trends. Because they sprinkle a pinch of absurdity in a much too serious world. Or because they simply bring joy. The main thing is to be in a good mood, that's our motto in this news format. And we start right away. With the first World Cycling Championship in Africa, the return of beer to British football stadiums and the anticipation of great darts events.


FC Bayern once again number 1

German number one on the football pitch - and also next to it: FC Bayern München is the first club to receive the Honorary Award of the German Football Ambassadors Initiative. It is an appreciation for social and societal commitment. "With the honorary award, our jury Honorary Award not only for an exceptional sporting year in 2020, but also for FC Bayern München's overall contribution to the image of (football)Germany in the world," said Initiative President Roland Bischof. The award recognises, for example, the fact that the Bavarians repeatedly help other clubs that are struggling financially and are involved with their charitable association "FC Bayern Hilfe". The award is to be presented in Berlin on October 6. Bayern's competitors will have to adjust to the fact that Bayern will then - as usual - top of the table.


Step by step out of the darkness

For years she carried her trauma in silence - now gymnastics superstar Simone Biles is stepping out of the darkness one step at a time. "If you look at everything I've been through in the last seven years, I should never have been on the Olympic team again," the gymnastics superstar of recent years told "New York Magazine." She has just shown the courage to speak before the U.S. Senate about the system of looking the other way in which for years she was at the mercy of team doctor Larry Nassar, who is now in custody for sexually abusing protected children. She says the US Federal Bureau of Investigation ignored her tips, as did sports federations. But by revealing her mental health problems during the Tokyo Olympics, Biles has apparently shattered that wall of silence - even for herself. "I'll probably be working on that for 20 years," she said of her continued mental recovery.


Let's go to the Perfect Game!

Boys, now play the Perfect Game! Gabriel Clemens and Florian Hempel may take part for Germany in the European Darts Championship. Never was the sport more popular than now. The qualification confirmed by the world federation PDC is a wonderful chance to further increase the popularity at the tournament from 14. to 17. October in Salzburg. We are excited, keep our fingers crossed and hope for an optimal score. And we love October! Already from 3. to 9. "The German Giant" Clemens will play as the only German at the World Grand Prix in Leicester.


Rwanda Cycles

Rwanda is cycling - and the world is watching: For the first time, the UCI has awarded the cycling world championships to Africa. In 2025, titles and medals will be contested in Rwanda. Some experts were puzzled by the decision, but some were clearly in favour of it. Tomas van den Spiegel, organiser of the Tour of Flanders, which is one of the great cycling classics, told "Sportschau": "We want to be an international sport, but we are hardly represented in Asia, less than we could be in North America and very little in Africa. In that sense, awarding it to Rwanda is very logical." Especially as there is a dedicated cycling community there as well as a race with a ringing name: The Tour du Rwanda, which started as a regional race, has also had international starters since 2008 - it's quite possible that with the World Championships the world will be watching more closely here, too.


Cheers! The beer is back!

Cheers. After 36 years, alcoholic beer is once again available at the fans' seats in English professional football. But if you want to book your ticket to Liverpool now, you'll have to think a little smaller. The return of the pint will first be tried out in a pilot scheme, and in the fourth and fifth divisions. Of all clubs, one with particularly thirsty fans convinced the independent commission that is scrutinizing the football system in England, which has been criticized by many fans. The London sixth division club Dulwich Hamlet earns real money from its supporters' thirst for beer. "They have told us openly that they can't afford to get promoted because of the alcohol rules," said commission president Tracey Crouch. Now let's hope the return of beer doesn't lead back to previous conditions. In 1985, drinking on the pitch was banned because clubs couldn't control their drunken hooligans.


Ironman is coming back - but not to Hawaii

Good news for Jan Frodeno - the Ironman World Championship is back: After the legendary competition could last take place in 2019 because of Corona, it should finally be back in May 2022. However, there is a drop of bitterness for the three-time German winner Frodeno - instead of Hawaii, the Ironman 2022 is in St. George in the US state of Utah. The 3.86-kilometre swim, 180.2-kilometre bike ride and 42.2-kilometre run are sure to be just as strenuous there - but will they be just as enjoyable? It doesn't matter - the main thing is to get going again!


Icon Navratilova for financial activism

Her name seems a bit dusty to young people, but her work is iconic: Martina Navratilova was not only one of the best tennis players in the world for years, she was also one of the first top athletes to live openly homosexual. It's been 30 years since she came out - and in an interview with the portal Outsports.com, she shows that her many experiences have given her a special perspective on the LGBTQ community and its concerns. As such, Navratilova now advocates for financial activism for her scene. "It's important to maintain visibility and especially to give our community the opportunity to invest in businesses that support our community."

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Antonia Wille