Interview: Company founder Chris Boyle talks about the new Soloshot 2

With the Soloshot 2 filming is a one-man-show. Like a cameraman robot the Soloshot 2 guarantees great quality and excellent action shots. It was therefore no surprise that the camera won ISPO AWARD GOLD. We spoke to company founder Chris Boyle about robots, dogs, waves and the sea.

Chris Boyle with Soloshot camera mount and transmitter.
Proud founder: Chris Boyle with his equipment.

Mister Boyle, the first Soloshot generation has already been a great success, but now the second generation has also caused quite a stir. How did the idea about developing a camera like the Soloshot 2 evolve?

The idea came up while I was surfing. Before, I’d seen a picture of a wave in a magazine and I knew instantly, I need to find this wave, and ride it. And so I did. I found the wave and waited for the perfect conditions.

Then I set up the camera on the beach, pressed the ‘record’ button, paddled into the lineup and rode this incredible wave. However, the shots didn’t turn out great and most parts of my ride were out of the image. I would have needed a cameraman filming me. That’s when I realized: I need to build a camera mounting that can do exactly that.

And the Soloshot 2 can do this?

The Soloshot 2 covers the best moments of your life. You only need to attach a small, waterproof transmitter to your body, surfboard, snowboard, skateboard or car. Up to a distance of 600meters the camera on the mounting follows your movement.

The Soloshot 2 is made for people who want to record a specific trick, move or moment. During training the camera can be very useful, as it exactly follows your movements. You don’t have to rely on a partner but can set up and film everything yourself. But the Soloshot is also useful for professional filming as the camera allows for incredible perspectives and saves cameramen from dangerous situations in the surf.

What’s the main difference between the Soloshot 1 and the Soloshot 2?

The Soloshot 1 is the perfect tool for beginners and is mainly designed for surfers that need clean images, without zoom and control function, operating the different features manually.

The Soloshot 2 is like a small camera team: The camera mounting is directly connected with the camera and perfectly colluding with it. The automatic function takes care of the zoom, switches the camera on and off and starts or stops the recording. The battery of the Soloshot 2 lives up to four hours, and the camera is compatible with smartphone, actioncam, camcorder and DSLR. The mounting of the camera turns horizontally with a maximum speed of 30 degrees per second, while the second axis turns vertically up to 60 degrees per second.

What kind of sports is Soloshot suited to?

For all kind of sports and any kind of filming. The camera is deployable everywhere: for surfing, soccer, horse riding, on trips and at home – in the water, on land and in the air. Every day I’m watching the latest web clips on different sites and some even use the Soloshot 2 to film their dogs while they are running across training fields with them.

Is the Soloshot 2 easy to handle or something for pros?

The SS2 is very easy to handle – for hobby filmers as much as pros. Anyone can become creative and do whatever they want. Just press the ‘start’ button and leave the rest to the Soloshot 2. 

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