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OutDoor by ISPO Concept

Together we design a new outdoor. Learn more about our concept and vision.

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This page will be available in the updated version from spring 2021. The information below refers to the OutDoor by ISPO 2019.


There is no such thing as a status quo

“The world, and for us specifically, the outdoor world is changing at an ever-increasing speed and if we fail to realise that, we risk everything.”

With this awareness the European Outdoor Group (EOG) started a process towards a new a consumer-centric approach for OutDoor that is relevant to the entire sector. Find some of their quotes here:

“Traditional outdoor is getting old.”
“We must bring back young people and that will be through the cities and the mountains.”
“Be open-minded and check everything that has society's attention.”
“Inspirational and a high quality experience.”
“It needs to be a focal point for the whole industry.”
“Forget any idea of having two b2b-shows.”

New markets, target groups and industries

“Ever new Horizons” is our commitment to unite all outdoor enthusiasts, to win new ones and to accompany them on new paths. We are born explorers. Let's find the new: new markets, target groups and industries. All the unrecognised and unused opportunities around us. Let us infect others with this attitude.

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