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Retailer information

Why retailer will benefit more than ever from our multifunctional platform

As a platform, OutDoor by ISPO has set itself the goal of networking individual stakeholders with one another. We offer retailers a variety of opportunities to get in touch with brands and manufacturers, discover new products and gain important consumer insights.


The information below refers to the OutDoor by ISPO 2019.


Why you as a retailer benefit especially from OutDoor by ISPO

The outdoor industry competes with so many other industries for the budget of consumers. That's why OutDoor by ISPO focuses on the customer. With a consumer-oriented perspective, we want to push the entire industry. The retailers play a crucial role in this. They are the ones who are in contact with the customers and convince the consumers of the innovations from the industry with their expertise and arouse enthusiasm for the outdoor theme. That's why OutDoor by ISPO is an extraordinary retailer-friendly platform.

Eight advantages for retailer at a glance
  • Advantage #1
    Rethought Ticket Prices

    Fair attendance fees for everyone. So everyone can be part of  the new outdoor mindset.

  • Advantage #2
    Bundle Tickets

    Twice as much input and know-how from one stay. Benefit from the opportunity to visit not only OutDoor by ISPO but also the ISPO Digitize Summit. ISPO Digitize offers everything you need to support your digital transformation.

  • Advantage #3
    Authentic Stays

    Live the outdoor style: We offer you comfortable accommodation and pitches on our glamping/camping site.

  • Advantage #4
    Travel Services

    OutDoor by ISPO offers reduced travel rates, hotel booking services, visa support and a lot more. Your stay and travel should be as convenient and affordable as possible so you can focus on connecting, being inspired, learning ... and having a great time.

  • Advantage #5
    Altogether to Munich

    The new retail program will help to assist retailers to meet exactly with brand representatives they want and need to meet and vice versa. Additionally it will help you to arrange meetings directly and pre-schedule your stay.

  • Advantage #6
    Ticket ID Requirement

    So no-one claims to be someone they’re not. We will use clearly marked badges to ensure that each visitor buys the “right” ticket for their role. So you can enjoy surroundings you can trust.

  • Advantage #7
    OutDoor by ISPO Card

    With the OutDoor by ISPO Card visitors have free access to all ISPO events, reiceive dicsounts as well as invitations to all ISPO Academy events across the globe and discounts on the e-Learning area.

  • Advantage #8
    Retail Experience

    A deep dive into Munich’s cutting-edge retail stores. So you can get first-hand inspiration and benefit from matchmaking opportunities with the relevant store managers.

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