7 days, 7 good news stories: a heroic victory in the Tour-de-France, a head wash for the bathing cap ignoramuses and a football club taking a stand against racism.

Days, 7 Good News: A Special Tournament for Tiger Woods and the NFL's Biggest Comeback

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We think so: Good news is needed every now and then. Especially from the world of sports. In our Good News we serve you seven news items every week that make our - and hopefully your - sports heart beat faster. Because the news is fun. Because they are trend-setting. Because they show new trends. Because they sprinkle a pinch of absurdity in a much too serious world. Or because they simply bring joy. The main thing is to be in a good mood - that's our motto in this news format. And we get right to work with new hope for rhythmic gymnastics in Germany, a very special tournament for Tiger Woods and the NFL's biggest comeback.


World champion at 41?

Will Cristiano Ronaldo finally hold the World Cup trophy in his hands in 2026? At least the 37-year-old soccer star is far from thinking about ending his career and is preparing for the next era with intensive training. That means we'll probably soon see Ronaldo at his sixth European Championship and sixth World Cup. Unbelievable. But first, start "small." The next step in the career of the club-less player will be to find a club again.


Dirk Bauermann is back

It's a successful old basketball love affair: Dirk Bauermann is returning to the German Basketball Federation. The 65-year-old, who served as national coach during Dirk Nowitzki's prime years, will be responsible for all of the German basketball team's junior male players. And maybe Dirk will find the next Dirk.


Wildcard for Venus Williams

Venus rocked the Australian Opens for the first time 25 years ago. Now the elder of the two Williams sisters will be able to compete in the tournament in January with a wild card. For the now 42-year-old, it will be the 22nd participation in the tournament on her silver anniversary. In 2003 and 2017, she was already in the final, but the title is still missing. If not now, then when? We're keeping our fingers crossed!


Father and son Woods

Like father, like son: Tiger Woods and his son Charlie are a dream team. At the family tournament of the PGA golf series, 46-year-old Tiger Woods and his 13-year-old son Charlie managed to finish in eighth place. For golf legend Tiger Woods, playing with his son is pure pleasure - especially after he only does what he can enjoy after his serious car accident.


Julia Raskina pushes gymnasts

Rhythmic gymnastics in Germany almost fell asleep - but now something is finally happening again: Julia Raskina has been named coach of the year, quite rightly. This year, the 40-year-old won five medals at the World Championships with her athletes, including one gold. Germany has not been this successful in the sport for 30 years. We are curious to see what we will see from the team under Raskina's leadership in the future.


From jail to the square

It's going to be an acclaimed return: US basketball player Brittney Griner wants to get back on the court after her release from Russian custody. "I intend to play for Phoenix Mercury in the WNBA this season," the 32-year-old wrote. Apparently, she is not broken by the stressful time in prison. The new season starts on May 19 - we're sure Griner will be in top shape by then.


Giving up is not possible at all

I wonder what these guys were telling each other in the locker room at halftime. With 0:33 left in the NFL game against the Indianapolis Colts, the Minnesota Vikings went into the break. Then came the greatest comeback in NFL history with a 39-36 win. What a turnaround and what a mindset! If you fight, you can lose - if you don't fight, you've already lost.

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