Schalke 04 on the Search for Outfitters

Schalke's supplier contract with Adidas ends in 2018. Continuing the collaboration beyond that is unlikely, as reported by the industry magazine "Sponsors." Instead, the Miners are to be in talks with two U.S. outfitters.

Max Meyer
Adidas has already pulled back from Leverkusen and Nürnberg.

According to the report, Adidas' strategy is supposed to be designed to concentrate on a few top clubs. These include clubs like Bayern München, Manchester United, and Real Madrid. The focus is also on the German national team. Bayer Leverkusen and the 1. FC Nürnberg have had to look for new outfitters in the recent past after Adidas fell back there as well.

According to "Sponsors", two outfitters are in close selection for the Royal Blues: the club is to find itself in talks with New Balance and the emerging company Under Armour. Both brands have expressed interest in emerging as suppliers in the Bundesliga in the past.

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