Date changed: Sia Snow Show in January after all

The Sia Snow Show should actually have been rescheduled: From the tried and tested January date, to December. The association of American snow sports dealers already communicated this, but now, due to some protests, the plans have been cancelled again.

The organization SIA is an association of companies from the snow sports industry.
The organization SIA is an association of companies from the snow sports industry.

Nick Sargent, who has only been the president of Sia for four months, had to present the decision of moving the trade fair to December, which was unpopular with the members, right at the start of his time in office: “It was made clear to me in many conversations that we had to re-evaluate the situation.” The CEO further explained the change of course in this way: “Sia’s main duty is doing what is best for the snow sports industry. Therefore, this decision was appropriate.”

The organization makes clear in a press release that the decision was reached in response to pressure by the members of the “Snow Sports Industries America”: The SIA SnowShow will continue to be an international event that brings together all stakeholders in the snow sports community. Today’s decision has been reached through intensive discussions with representatives from the snow sports industry and after a review of all possible options by SIA management.”


Information about the Sia Snow Show:

2017 Snow Show: January 26-29, 2017, Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado
2017 On-snow demo: January 30-31, 2017, Copper Mountain2018 Snow Show: January 25-28
2018, Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado
2018 On-snow demo: January 29-30, 2018, Copper Mountain

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