BSI: President steps down after eight years in office

Désirée Derin-Holzapfel, since 2007 president of the German sporting goods manufacturers‘ federation BSI, has resigned with immediate effect. The reason for the move is as simple as it is sad: Shortly before Christmas, her own company, Friedola Gebr. Holzapfel, had to file for insolvency under the German bankruptcy code.

Porträt Désirée Derin-Holzapfel
Überraschender Rücktritt an der Spitze des BSI: Désirée Derin-Holzapfel führte den Herstellerverband seit 2007.

Friedola has been family-run for five generations and offers leisure and sports equipment among other items. It was said that day-to-day operations will continue in the usual way.

At the top of BSI, Derin-Holzapfel has been replaced by a triumvirate of vice presidents comprising Dr. Karl Sedlmeyer from Adidas, Andy Schimeck from Marmot Mountain Europe and Dirk Kannemeier from Passier, a vendor of horseback riding equipment. 

According to the federation’s by-laws, the three execs have the right to lead the lobby group until its next ordinary general meeting to take place in May 2017.

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