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POLYGON at ISPO MUNICH 2017: Unique Hall Concept for the Action Sports Industry

A unique new hall concept will see its debut in the actions sports hall at ISPO MUNICH 2017. POLYGON is a full service package that will see top retailers flying in to Munich to attend. The specially tailored supporting program of events promises information and entertainment of the finest.

The New Action Sports Hall B6: ISPO MUNICH Has Never Had a Space Like This Before.
The New Action Sports Hall B6: ISPO MUNICH Has Never Had a Space Like This Before.

ISPO POLYGON is offering a completely new hall concept: innovative and alive! Let your company take part – sign up here >>>

It snowed heavily in the Alps in November. That is really good news for the action sports industry, because winter’s early arrival will whet appetites for the coming snowboarding season and raise hopes for strong sales in the Christmas season. “The past three winters have had little snow before Christmas, so we are currently very excited by the cold temperatures and snow we have already seen,” says ISPO Exhibition Group Director Markus Hefter.

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New ideas for the scene are in demand, and ISPO MUNICH (5-8 February 2017) is leading the way. “In past years, the size of the stand and the image were the main things being discussed, now we want to make sure all the different players are brought up to eye level,” says Hefter.

So this means: “Back to the roots, the focus should once again be placed above all on the innovations and products. So we worked together with the industry to develop POLYGON. Everyone who takes part receives a great package, including stand structure, framework program, and best buyer program – all for a tidy €260 per square meter."

Key Selling Point: The Best Buyer Program

All the stands in the hall will have already been constructed and the hall’s uniform design will focus attention on the products. Skateboard ramp wood will be used for the stands, so that they can be reused in years to come. This means they are economical, ecological and sustainable.

The highlight of the comprehensive package is the best buyer program. Around 100 top retailers from all over Europe will fly in and spend two nights in Munich. “In this way we are guaranteeing that the key players will be taking part. We are certain that POLYGON is going to be a runaway success. There’s only a few places left for exhibitors,” explained Hefter.

The Central Aisle is the Highlight

More than 2500 square meters are already pretty much booked out, exhibitors are set to include familiar, established companies as well as some who are coming for the first time. They will all come together in an open, communicative atmosphere with everyone at eye level – achieved through the inner walls, which will reach a height of just 1.60 meters.

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The central aisle with its uniform design is also set to bring the scene together – animations of what it will look like are already available. There will be four areas there: A presentation area will give companies the chance to present their new products and innovations in a creative, authentic environment.

A Bar and Tattoos: Exchange is the Goal

A “Bar and After Work Area” will help set the mood, while background music will be provided through a partnership with the Munich club Harry Klein. The whole industry will be relaxing there from 5pm at the After Work Parties. "Our hope is that we will be able to discuss together how to drive forward the industry,” explains Markus Hefter.

The ISPO Bloggers Lounge in the third quarter is the meeting point for journalists and the increasingly important creators of social media content alike.

And finally, there will be the Monochrome City, where daily workshops with artists will be taking place.

A tattoo artist will be there and will be able to provide you with a lasting souvenir of the event – on location, free of charge.

On top of this there will be an exhibition on the POLYGON theme. “Through this, ISPO MUNICH will also be providing live art,” Hefter promises.

Platforms for Brands

Every inch of the POLYGON space will be used, with even the smallest corners used as platforms for a wide variety of purposes.

  • The Tailgate Munich is reserved for snowboarding brands who have a focus on freeriding.
  • The ISPO INSPIRE platform will tackle the topic of sustainability on a general level (CSR and circle economy).
  • The Longboard Embassy will provide the perfect stage for longboarding brands.
  • The ISPO Sneakology area will be dedicated to different sneaker brands.
  • And at Speed Dating by ISPO JOB MARKET, current job opportunities and industry entry points can be discussed and offered – and of course, contacts will also be made.

The ISPO Exhibition Group Director is confident: "We want to focus on what made the industry great: innovative, exciting products, the passion of everyone involved, and celebrating together as a community,” says Markus Hefter. “We are convinced that everyone who is at ISPO MUNICH 2017 will be inspired by what they see.”

Want to be there too? Find out how to register here >>>

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Lars Becker

Lars Becker