Sport jobs in the sector design

Career: Jobs in design

Are you wide awake, curious, and full of ideas? Then you’ve already passed the first hurdles. Gifted designers are always sought after in the sports business! The industry scores with dynamism; stagnation rules elsewhere. Here, creative thinkers will find jobs and maybe even their fortune.
The sports industry is a highly innovative sector that’s always reinventing itself. Sports emerge and become trends, and with them come new equipment, materials, and even marketing channels. Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer is going so far as to designate the 55,000 jobs in the company as creative. And in a manner of speaking, he speaks in place of an entire industry.
No job in the sports business can be filled in without passion and creativity, but there are differences all the same: In the design division, products and ideas are actually brought into shape. Here, creativity is at the very top of the list of requirements for the applicant. And those who want to be really creative without developing beyond the market must fulfill certain qualifications.

Design jobs in the sports industry – Requirements

The most important requirements for success with design jobs in the sports business are passion and curiosity. The profession of a graphic designer, for example, requires constant involvement with one’s own environment. Only those who experience their surroundings with eyes wide open, who recognize mistakes and things of beauty, who ask questions and aren’t so quickly satisfied with the answers, will be able to develop on the basis of their own creative ideas.
While skills of observation and imagination do add up, it’s a matter of artistic talent and perserverance. Drafting a design doesn’t just take skill, but also the pursuit of perfection. After all, the devil is in the details, if only in the standards of the respective corporate identity. What is the competition offering? What meets (or exceed) the potential client base’s expectations? Up to the complete product, it’ll take several deliberations and work stages. That demands a lot of staying power, even without making use of the comparison to a marathon.
Jobs in design – On the path to the dream job
Design is still a craft that has to be learned. Without versed handling of layout and vector programs, even the best idea will founder on implementation. Photoshop alone usually isn’t enough, though it is an excellent start for applicants.
The path to the dream job in design leads through a solid education, be it at vocational school or university. Which path one chooses depends on several factors, not just on scholastic achievements. With a vocational education, you can completely enter into the practice after only two years, a great advantage. A degree course can take up six years. Considering that, there are other specialization paths open after graduation, for example in the large division of corporate design.

The future employers

Sports are firmly anchored in our society and have a determining influence on public welfare. Every second German engages in sports regularly. At the same time, sports are an enormous economic factor and a relevant field of the employment market. Almost two million people in Germany alone have jobs in this segment – with sporting goods manufacturers and clubs, in sports agencies, fitness centers, sports shops, or as assistants as part of major sporting events.

Precisely the breadth of offers harbors an enormous benefit for job seekers: the free choice of place of work. Whether in the big city or more rural, in the far north or on the Alpine frontier – there are design jobs to be occupied in the sports industry everywhere. And good designers are sought after, regardless of whether they’re 3D designers, technical designers, or brand designers. At Adidas, as we looked up, at this moment there are 2,400 positions worldwide, 74 of which are directly in the design division.