Surftech gets a new CEO

On 9 May, John Vance will become the new CEO of the surfboard manufacturer Surftech. Vance was previously in leadership positions at companies including Quiksilver, Sanuk and most recently Freewater.

Surftech boards
Surftech was founded in 1992 in Santa Cruz, California.

“When I look at the whole market and the significance of Surftech’s history, then I see Suftech as being in the unique position of being able to deliver the technologically best-developed products”, explained Vance. “I am pleased that I will be part of Surftech’s future.”

“John has all the leadership qualities that we have been looking for, and we will all profit from his great trade links”, states Trent Pedersen, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Surftech.

Active in the field of stand-up paddling

Surftech distributes brands including NSP, Surftech, Bark Channel Islands and Robert August. The company is also very active in the field of stand-up paddling (SUP).

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