Todd Spaletto Is No Longer the CEO of The North Face

The North Face needs a new boss. The VF Corporation’s largest outdoor brand and CEO Todd Spaletto are now going their separate ways, the company confirmed to “”

Todd Spaletto was CEO of The North Face since 2011.
Todd Spaletto was CEO of The North Face since 2011.

Company spokesman Craig Hodges disclosed that, in the interim, VF Vice President Scott Baxter “is assuming day-to-day management until a successor is named.” The reasons for the separation from Spaletto have thus far been kept quiet.

The VF Corporation and The North Face also have open positions in Germany, England, and Switzerland – you can see which here >>>

VF Corporation doing staff reconstruction

Todd Spaletto had stood at the top of The North Face since 2011, and in October 2016 he celebrated the prestigious US brand’s 50th birthday with a major campaign. Nevertheless, The North Face is under pressure, Spaletto wanted to convert the outdoor specialists into an all-season brand, thereby opening it to a larger target group.



The North Face is part of the VF Corporation, which also owns well-known brands like Timberland, Vans, Wrangler, and Nautica. The departure of Todd Spaletto is part of a series of other personnel shifts at the highest managerial level. Stewart Whitney, formerly the CEO of Timberland, left the company, as did Mark Satkiewicz, former head of Smartwool.

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