Nike about to make a huge offer to Barcelona

Sportswear manufacturer Nike wants to extend its outfitter contract with FC Barcelona. The annual sum could amount to 85 million euros according to the sports newspaper “AS”.

Nike and SC Barcelona have been partners for 20 years.

This sum could go up to 100 million euros with bonuses. The parties have not yet come to an agreement regarding the term of the new contract.

Double the benefits

Nike has been the outfitter for the Catalans since 1998. The association currently receives 35 million euros a season – a new contract would therefore double this amount.

The contract between Nike’s competitor Adidas and Manchester United is said to total 98 million euros annually. Munich Bayern receive 60 million euros annually from Adidas according to reports. A possible deal between Adidas and Real Madrid could involve even higher sums.

Nike recently announced collaborations with superstars LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. Collaborations with skater Nyjah Huston and the Premier League were recently concluded and extended, respectively. In addition, Nike terminated their contract with Manny Pacquiao following the boxer’s homophobic remarks.

Nike’s co-founder, Phil Knight, recently made headlines due to a 400 million dollar donation.

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