Newell Brands: K2 and Marker Dalbello Völkl Shall Remain Unchanged

US investor Newell Brands reacted to the apprehension of the winter sports industry that the group of companies K2 and Marker Dalbello Völkl could be shut down with a press release. “Newell will keep both companies, if no suitable buyer is found“, said the consumer goods giant on Thursday.

Völkl produces as innovative ski manufacturer with 400 employees in Straubing, Bavaria.
Völkl produces as innovative ski manufacturer with 400 employees in Straubing, Bavaria.

For numerous employees of the traditional sports brand this message should be a relief. After the Newell Brand press release on Tuesday and the bold statements of CEO Michael Polk many feared the worst. Polk spoke in September about a “rapid exit“ for non-economical companies to investors.

Newell Feels Pressured to Make Clarification

Now a press release, in German, from Newell Brand states: “The reasons for streamlining the portfolio are not due to the economical development of these renowned and rich in tradition winter sport specialists, but in a changed focus of Newell with the goal to build a strong and pioneering company in the consumer goods industry.“

The goal is now to “find a new owner, over the next few months, who is willing to invest into the winter sports and continue the success story of the brands.“

K2, Marker, Dalbello, Volkl Supposed to Stay 

“It is not the goal of the process of Newell to abandon one of the companies or to shut it down, but to find a suitable buyer, who will then develop the traditional brands further.“

Employees and customers of K2 and Marker Dalbello Völkl can adapt to the thought that they will continue to find the traditional brands in stores the next few years. “At the moment both companies work steadily on their innovations and developments for 2017/18, corresponding investments will be made“, writes Newell Brands. 

And further: “The companies received positive feedback and a strong demand for the running collection 2016/17, according to that the companies and their employees are highly motivated for this season.“

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