K2: Product highlights at ISPO MUNICH

Alpine sport outfitters K2 will be presenting an abundance of new products at ISPO MUNICH 2016. These include skis which have been tried and tested on icy slopes, ski boots with an “aprés-ski walking mode” and surf-inspired snowboards.

Snowboards by K2 in the Enjoyers collection
The Enjoyers collection: surf-inspired snowboards.

K2 will be introducing the Charger series as part of their ski range, developed for high performance on-piste. With this new ski series, it should be possible to get around easily on both icy slopes and hard ground. Visitors to ISPO MUNICH will also be able to catch a glimpse of the updated women’s ski series, Luv Sick.

K2’s boot range will include the new B.F.C. collection – “Built for Walking”. The ski-shoe designs for both men and women boast “Hands-Free-Entry” technology, with which it is possible to put on the shoes without the need to use hands. In the “aprés-ski walking mode”, the upper part of the shoe can be separated from the bottom part of the boot’s shell, making walking in the boots much easier.

Swallow-tailed snowboards

As part of their snowboard range, the surf-inspired Enjoyers collection is growing with the introduction of the “Split Bean” – a snowboard with a swallow-tail, which, according to the manufacturer, is a unique product on the market.

The all-mountain specialist is excited to be also introducing new ski helmets, goggles and sticks at ISPO MUNCH.

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