Because of the New iPhone 7: Apple Seems to be Collaborating with Munich Startup Bragi

Are Apple and Bragi working together on the iPhone 7? The Munich Startup, which caused quite a stir in the sports industries and elsewhere with its wireless “Dash” in-ear headphones, has shared that it has a “big announcement” to make - just two days before Apple’s keynote event, where Apple announces its new innovations, and also in the same location as Apple, Cupertino.

The “Dash” earphones from Bragi can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth
The “Dash” earphones from Bragi can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth

“I have a BIG announcement on Monday September 5th at 10AM Cupertino / 7pm Munich time,” Bragi CEO Nikolaj Hviid shared on the startup’s Facebook page.

Cupertino? 5 September? Apple insiders, who are not only anticipating the electronic giant’s event on September 7 because of the launch of the new iPhone 7, are paying close attention. What could Hviid, who won ISPO BRANDNEW Winner 2015 for Bragi’s Dash, the “world’s first wireless smart earphones,”have to reveal?

Bragi Develops Dash - Perhaps This is What Apple was Looking For?

Experts are saying that the Munich startup must at least be working in cooperation with Apple. Some are suggesting Apple has acquired Bragi. According to rumors, the iPhone 7 won’t have a headphone port.

With the help of Bragi’s wireless in-ear headphones, currently available for 299 euros, you can not only hear music, but also measure sport activity and heart frequency. A music player with 4GB of storage is integrated into the earphones.

Those who want to find out what the announcement is can watch Bragi boss Nikolaj Hviid deliver his message on 5 September live on Facebook.

Nikolaj Hviid, founder of Bragi
Nikolaj Hviid, founder of Bragi Logo
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