Diving Startup Buddy-Watcher Seeking Investors for Expansion in USA and Asia

Diving startup Buddy-Watcher seeking investors: So as to be able to develop their product, a wearable for underwater communication, and to expand in the USA and Asia, the young company from Pforzheim, Germany, has started a crowdinvesting campaign.

Buddy-Watcher helps with underwater communication using ultrasonic vibrations.
Buddy-Watcher helps with underwater communication using ultrasonic vibrations.

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“As passionate divers, our motivation is to turn the Buddy-Watcher into a basic piece of equipment for those who do underwater sports, making the diving experience more pleasant and safer,” says Michael Fleicht, Buddy-Watcher founder.

Buddy-Watcher Hoping to Get up to €500,000

The idea for the product came about in 2008 while diving in Australia with co-founder Eduard Sabelfeld when they lost sight of each other under the water. “The feeling of suddenly being alone in the water led us to the idea of finding a technical solution,” says Feicht. From this idea, they created a wearable that is worn like a wristwatch and facilitates communication through ultrasonic vibrations.

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Using the crowdinvesting platform Companisto, ISPO BRANDNEW finalist Buddy-Watcher is hoping to get up to €500,000. Find out more information about the campaign here. >>>

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