arena Group confirms Giuseppe Musciacchio and Luca Selvatici as Co-CEOs

A dual leadership that works: the arena Group has confirmed that Giuseppe Musciacchio and Luca Selvatici as the Co-CEOs of the Italian swimwear specialist. “We are very pleased for the continuous positive achievements of the company,” said Paolo Cavallo, president of the company. Musciacchio and Selvatici have been the interim management of arena since June 2016.

Luca Selvatici and Giuseppe Musciacchio (r.) brought the arena Group on course.
Luca Selvatici and Giuseppe Musciacchio (r.) brought the arena Group on course.

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“The Arena Group has enjoyed solid growth over the past years thank to a clear vision, well-developed and innovative product strategy, successful internationalization and an engaged and competent team,” Cavallo remarked.

Musciacchio and Selvatici have proven themselves

The president of the arena Group is building on Giuseppe Musciacchio and Luca Selvatici’s visions for the future: “Giuseppe and Luca bring the strategic vision and great leadership necessary to further expand the success of the Arena brand, providing athletes, swimmers and sport passionate people with high performing products,” said Paolo Cavallo.

Giuseppe has been working for the former Adidas subsidiary since 2007 and initially held the position of marketing director. In 2011, he was promoted to general manager of brand development and assumed responsibility for product design and product development.

Luca Selvatici has been with the company since 2003 and has been chief financial officer and chief operating officer.

Arena attributes the recent growth of the company to the success of its Powerskin racing swimsuits and collaborations with outstanding athletes and important swimming associations.

Video: action at the ISPO Pool

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