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Outstanding Outdoor

The most important award for extraordinary products in the outdoor industry

Outstanding. Outdoor. Products.

Outstanding Outdoor is the seal of quality for the most extraordinary products in the outdoor industry. Not only do these exceptional products receive awards, they are also presented to the world by ISPO for a whole year. The Outstanding Outdoor Award Label offers guidance for consumers, media and retailers; it is a sign of innovation, craftsmanship and excellence.

Outstanding Outdoor Winners will be awarded during Europe's largest outdoor trade fair, OutDoor by ISPO. OutDoor by ISPO, not only stands for the annual trade show but for a year-long, integrative and cross-med audience of international industry experts.

Outstanding Outdoor
  • Label

    Do you have an outstanding outdoor product? Then get yourself the most important outdoor award and with it, a label that really counts for retailers, consumers and the media.

  • Process

    Participation couldn’t be easier: simply select a product, apply online and send it as a finalist product. All online submissions benefit from fair registration fees.

  • Coverage

    All Outstanding Outdoor Award winners will be presented on for a whole year. They will also benefit from our active press work and the high level of media interest.

What are the advantages of participating in Outstanding Outdoor?

With Outstanding Outdoor, we’re offering your outdoor product a renowned and highly accessible stage. All those who receive an award benefit from numerous benefits, such as the internationally recognized award, the comprehensive service package and the high level of exposure we achieve, both on and thanks to our active press work.

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