7 days, 7 good news stories: a heroic victory in the Tour-de-France, a head wash for the bathing cap ignoramuses and a football club taking a stand against racism.

Days, 7 Good News: Vegan Runs - and Boxes

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There can never be enough good news! Especially from the world of sports. News that are forward-looking, show new trends or simply bring joy. This time with the vegan reissue of a shoe classic and a vegan boxing superstar, a water break in the Bundesliga and a female bald head for a good cause.



Vegan runs: New Nikes from Billie Eilish

The cult sneaker Air Force One celebrates 40. Birthday - and is celebrated with a special soundtrack: Pop star Billie Eilish brings with the sports label Nike a vegan reissue of the shoe on the market. Manufactured it is made of synthetic nubuck leather and the recycled material "Nike Grind", consisting of production waste. The shoe comes with a orderly load of retro vibes thanks to multi-row Velcro closures - green&.nbsp;image boost for wearer*in and sporting goods manufacturer included.


Final Whistle for Water Break in the Bundesliga

Still until May 1 is Ramadan, fasting time for devout Muslims. During this time they take neither food nor liquid during the day, only with sunset the fasting may be interrupted. Muslim players play soccer anyway. To allow them to break their fast, two Bundesliga games were recently interrupted - a first in German soccer. Referee Matthias Jöllenbeck blew his whistle for a drinking break between Augsburg and Mainz, and Bastian Dankert interrupted the match between RB Leipzig and TSG Hoffenheim after sunset. Mohamed Simakan, who could thereby break his fast at 19.58 clock, thanked for it later in the social media at the referee and players for the consideration.


New Job for Women: Coach in Major League Baseball

Alyssa Nakken of the San Francisco Giants goes down as the first . female MLB coach on the field to go down in history. Playing against the San Diego Padres, the 31-year-old became the first female baseball coach ever to step onto the field and helped lead her team to victory at Oracle Park. "I am happy that .Girls can now see that there is a job for them on the field in baseball . It was a great feeling," Alyssa Nakken said after the game.


Game Lost, Bet Won, Hair Off

Consolation prize for Rebekah Stott of the New Zealand women's national team: After losing the match against the Australian Matildas, she shaved her cheering competitor Aivi Luik still on the lawn. The 37-year-old professional soccer player thus redeemed her promise to let her hair should&.nbsp;the fundraising goal of $30.000 US dollars for brain tumor research should be reached. Luik had started the fundraiser when her younger brother recently had an was diagnosed with a brain tumor.


The Fastest Bump Ever

So briskly it never went over hill and dale:  It is also often described as the "Hell of the North". At the 119. Edition of the infamous classic ensured this time a steady tailwind&.nbsp;for the fastest race ever. Many crashes included. In the end triumphant Dutchman Dylan van Baarle of Inos Grenadiers went&.nbsp;finished after a good five and a half hours and a confident solo ride.


Finally They Fly Again - The Arrows

After two Pandemie-Years without Darts Grand Prix flew on Easter weekend finally again the arrows. The German professional player Max Hopp meant .On Instagram "just awesome" about the atmosphere in the bulging .Zenith Hall in Munich - so exuberant was the joy of the fans about the Return of the darts tournament. The victory was surprisingly won by the Englishman Luke Humphries.


Strong Guy Does Vegan Diet

"Your life is as good as your mindset" - writes boxing star Canelo on Instagram. And because he means it, he has now changed his mindset. Saúl Álvarez wants to optimize his weight with a vegan diet to be fit for the fight against WBA world champion Dmitry Bivol. For him it is not a problem to change his eating habits, the Mexican superstar told the US channel ESPN: "I'm not very complicated when it comes to food, I adapt a lot, I adapt quickly." We are curious to see if the best boxer in the world lives up to his role as favorite. If not, it was certainly not because of his mindset...