Days, 7 Good News: All Fairy Tale With an Ice Queen and Rumpelstiltskin

LISTICLE | 02/09/2022
7 days, 7 good news stories: a heroic victory in the Tour-de-France, a head wash for the bathing cap ignoramuses and a football club taking a stand against racism.
Antonia Wille

We think so: Good news is needed every now and then. Especially from the world of sports. In our Good News we serve you seven news items every week that make our - and hopefully your - sports heart beat faster. Because the news is fun. Because they are trend-setting. Because they show new trends. Because they sprinkle a pinch of absurdity in a much too serious world. Or because they simply bring joy. The main thing is to be in a good mood - that's our motto in this news format. And we're getting started right away. With the fastest sledding mommy in history, an athlete as an epic, Rumpelstiltskin 2.0 and the end of the career of baseball umpire Country Joe, who was also featured in a scene of the movie "The Naked Gun".


My Mommy Can Sled Like No Other....

For little Leo Geisenberger, who is not even two years old yet, it will probably take a little while before he understands his mother's superpower. But when the time comes, the boy will be able to really show off. 21 months after giving birth, Natalie Geisenberger showed her exceptional position with Olympic gold in luge. Now she is the most successful German Olympic athlete. Whether Leo has noticed this? "Maybe he was more interested in his cars, I don't know," said the gold medalist. It doesn't matter: "The first Olympic victory as a mother, I'm incredibly grateful that we've managed so well as a family."


Into the Water, Men!

The German water polo players missed out on qualifying for the World Championships in Japan. But now they are participating in the World Championships after all: because the swimming federation has surprisingly scheduled a new tournament for this year. And because it will be held in Europe, in Budapest, Europe has one more starting place. For the team, which is once again facing reconstruction - the last title was over 30 years ago - the world championship is an unexpected chance. We are keeping our fingers crossed!


The Epic Boll

This is not a career, this is an epic: Timo Boll has extended his contract with table tennis Bundesliga club Borussia Düsseldorf until 2025. Three more years of contract for a 40-year-old? Holla. "I continue to have an incredible amount of fun playing in the Bundesliga and for Borussia," says Boll. The Düsseldorfers are likely to rely on his reliability. In 15 years, he won 87 percent of all games for the club, 447 games to be exact. Most recently, he also won the Champions League.


After Twelve Rounds of Chemotherapy Olympic Gold

He had to go through twelve rounds of chemotherapy and won gold in the end: Max Parrot, freestyle snowboarder from Canada, just wrote one of the most touching stories at the Olympics. At the end of 2018, he had been diagnosed with lymph node cancer. Now, with an endless will, the 27-year-old has reached the peak of his athletic career. "I kept telling everyone that I wanted to win gold," Parrot said. For those who didn't believe it, he did it!


Rumpelstiltskin 2.0 Dances Around the TV

Oh how good it is that no one knows that Rumpelstiltskin's real name is Steffen Baumgart! What the coach of 1. FC Köln did in his living room during the Corona quarantine was truly fairytale passion: Instead of dancing around the fire, Baumgart shot around the TV. But thanks especially to the coach's daughter Emilia, who posted her video online. Otherwise, the mystery of Rumpelstiltskin's second name would never have been solved...


Fast As Lightning, No Bolt

He'll never be as fast as lightning, but maybe he'll be like Bolt. Olympic 100-meter champion Lamont Marcell Jacobs wants to break Usain Bolt's 13-year-old world record. The Jamaican ran 9.58 seconds in 2009. "I like the idea: there is no limit," the 27-year-old Italian told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper. And once he's done that, he might as well take on the race with lightning. Because Jacobs wants to go into space. "My dream of space is alive, even though I'm afraid of flying."


Good Bye, Country Joe

Good bye, Country Joe: Joe West, currently the longest-serving umpire in the US baseball league MLB, has quit. West umpired 5460 games in 45 years. In addition, he was a guest actor in "The Naked Gun" and made music as a country singer, hence his nickname Country Joe. At the end of his career, there was a lot of melancholy for the 69-year-old, who was, however, repeatedly voted one of the worst referees of the season by the players in recent years. He was also repeatedly given his due in the media. His colleagues, however, had nothing to criticize about West: As their president, he had negotiated the most lucrative umpiring contract in baseball history.

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Antonia Wille