INOV-8 – AT/C THERMOSHELL HZ (Quelle: INOV-8)Quickplay Sport – Elite Combo  (Quelle: Quickplay Sport)SALOMON – S/LAB XA ALPINE (Quelle: SALOMON)Craft Sportswear – Active Extreme 2.0 (Quelle: Craft Sportswear)uvex sports GmbH & Co KG – uvex variotronic s (Quelle: uvex sports GmbH & Co KG)UVU – The UVU +40/ -40 Race Waterproof Jacket (Quelle: UVU)Matrix – S-Drive Performance Trainer (Quelle: Matrix)PlasmaGuard – DWR plasma-coating (Quelle: PlasmaGuard)
Bild: INOV-8
Quickplay Sport – Elite Combo  (Quelle: Quickplay Sport)
Quickplay Sport – Elite Combo
Bild: Quickplay Sport
Craft Sportswear – Active Extreme 2.0 (Quelle: Craft Sportswear)
Craft Sportswear – Active Extreme 2.0
Bild: Craft Sportswear
uvex sports GmbH & Co KG – uvex variotronic s (Quelle: uvex sports GmbH & Co KG)
uvex sports GmbH & Co KG – uvex variotronic s
Bild: uvex sports GmbH & Co KG
UVU – The UVU +40/ -40 Race Waterproof Jacket (Quelle: UVU)
UVU – The UVU +40/ -40 Race Waterproof Jacket
Bild: UVU
Matrix – S-Drive Performance Trainer (Quelle: Matrix)
Matrix – S-Drive Performance Trainer
Bild: Matrix
PlasmaGuard – DWR plasma-coating (Quelle: PlasmaGuard)
PlasmaGuard – DWR plasma-coating
Bild: PlasmaGuard


Category: Outer Layer 1 L

Delivering lightweight, packable warmth and superior breathability, the AT/C Thermoshell HZ is perfect for running in vastly-changeable, cool conditions, both on the trails and in the mountains, and during all different phases of dynamic and static activity. The use of super-lightweight Polartec® Alpha® insulation means runners can regulate their core body temperature and eliminate the need to shed or add extra layers while on the move.

Jurystatement: It´s a great outdoor layer, really light and perfect for cold temperatures. It´s also good for windy conditions. It´s perfect to use for trail running races, because it´s light and thus not weighing you down. It fits very well and feels extremely comfortable.

Quickplay Sport – Elite Combo 

Category: Team Sport

The Elite Combo is the ultimate football training system: a goal, a rebounder and a free kick wall in one. Each option uses the same frame, making it easy to switch between the configurations. Made from steel and fiberglass, the system is durable and strong, but also lightweight. Everything fits in a carry bag for hassle-free transportation. With its weighted base, it's perfect for training in any location, with no need for extra anchorage.

Jurystatement: The multiple configurations and the quality construction gave the Quickplay Elite the edge over the competition. Quick setup and low weight make the training device easy to use and versatile. The accompanying app offers a wide range of training options to get the most of the system.


Category: Trailrunning Footwear

The S/LAB XA ALPINE is a trail running shoe developed with athletes and made to encounter the most difficult terrains and conditions. It offers great protection (ankle collar, weather resistant integrated gaiter) and a specific outsole and grip (Climbing Zone, Premium Wet Traction Contagrip®). It also provides an outstanding running performance thanks to its premium fit and a good ride (Carbon chassis and a molded EVA midsole). 

Jurystatement: The successful evolution of the Salomon SL family with a high-performance shoe for high-altitude terrain. Thanks to the high-quality, high-performance and breathable material – without disturbing contact surface – running in high altitudes turns into a safe and enjoyable activity.

Craft Sportswear – Active Extreme 2.0

Category: Base Layer

Active Extreme 2.0 is made of the new CoolMax Air fiber. This new-generation performance fiber is engineered with a propeller shape providing a larger surface area for movement and drying of sweat, which results in outstanding air permeability that drives moisture from the skin. The exceptional high-tech fabric weighs in at only 100 gsm. The collection also includes a reflective version for extra visibility when wearing it as a single layer.

Jurystatement: This new baselayer is very lightweight and thin, has a cool feel, but it also offers great insulation when it's cold outside during the workout. The new knitting pattern creates a beautiful look. And what's best: If you are into endurance sports, you can really rely on its moisture management!

uvex sports GmbH & Co KG – uvex variotronic s

Category: Accessories & Eyewear

uvex revolutionizes bike glasses with a trend-setting glass technology that adapts to rapidly changing lighting conditions automatically or by pressing a button. This is made possible by a laminate of liquid crystals with electrochromic activation through a photocell light sensor. It reacts to the current intensity of light and regulates the tint of the glass in a split second.  

Jurystatement: The time needed for changing the tint of these glasses is only 0.1 second, which makes them really helpful under conditions with rapid changing lighting conditions.

UVU – The UVU +40/ -40 Race Waterproof Jacket

Category: Outer Layer 3 L

The UVU +40/ -40 Race Waterproof Jacket is the most advanced running jacket. After two years of testing under extreme conditions, UVU can present the perfect jacket for demanding athletes. With its lightweight, waterproof, windproof and breathable fabric, the jacket is the perfect protection for exposure to the worst possible conditions while helping you to maintain a well-balanced microclimate. 

Jurystatement: Recently, we have witnessed a small revolution regarding outer layers: The possible uses of these products became more diverse, especially because of new production methods, membranes and designs. One of the best examples of this development is UVU's -40/+40 Race Waterproof Jacket. This young brand has managed to design a running jacket combining extremely low weight with maximum functionality.

Matrix – S-Drive Performance Trainer

Category: Strength- and Cardio-Machines

On the Drive Performance Trainer, forward, lateral and reverse movements can be performed with natural hip rotation. The sprint mode allows for walking, running, or sprinting. The quick-release harness provides support and encourages proper running form. The sled mode replicates sled training without the need of a sled or the space to use it. Resistance settings allow a trainer to adjust accurately how "heavy" the sled is for each athlete. 

Jurystatement: The Drive Performance Trainer is based on a trend-setting and versatilely applicable idea. Due to the fact that it does not need any electricity, it's not only environmentally friendlier, it also offers more flexibility. Easy handling and the quick-release harness allow a safe and effective training, not only at home but also for physiotherapy.

PlasmaGuard – DWR plasma-coating

Category: Footwear Components

Combining durable water repellency with outstanding breathability, flexibility and low weight.PlasmaGuard® technology is the perfect solution to the textile industry's search for more eco-friendly DWR solutions. By using only 1kg of PlasmaGuard®, you save the world from: 5kg of DWR coating chemicals, more than 115 liters of wastewater, more than 80kg of CO², and the use of crosslinking agents, chlorides, formaldehyde, or other toxic wet chemicals.

Jurystatement: Functional products can improve the wearing comfort and performance by functional treatment and product design. Environmentally friendly is another issue, it's especially important to use less chemicals and resources. PlasmaGuard's great benefit is that it achieves the same functionality with a smaller environmental impact.

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