RESTUBE – RESTUBE swim (Quelle: RESTUBE)PATAGONIA – M'S R3 Yulex Front-Zip Full Suit (Quelle: PATAGONIA)m0dular – Pumptrack (Quelle: m0dular)Citybug – E-Scooter (Quelle: Citybug)Giro Sport Design – Stellar MIPS Helmet (Quelle: Giro Sport Design)The North Face – The North Face Access Pack (Quelle: The North Face)
PATAGONIA – M'S R3 Yulex Front-Zip Full Suit (Quelle: PATAGONIA)
PATAGONIA – M'S R3 Yulex Front-Zip Full Suit
m0dular – Pumptrack (Quelle: m0dular)
m0dular – Pumptrack
Bild: m0dular
Citybug – E-Scooter (Quelle: Citybug)
Citybug – E-Scooter
Bild: Citybug
Giro Sport Design – Stellar MIPS Helmet (Quelle: Giro Sport Design)
Giro Sport Design – Stellar MIPS Helmet
Bild: Giro Sport Design
The North Face – The North Face Access Pack (Quelle: The North Face)
The North Face – The North Face Access Pack
Bild: The North Face


Categorie: Accessories

RESTUBE is the airbag of watersports. Pull the trigger and RESTUBE inflates within seconds. The “RESTUBE swim” version is the most compact version ever designed, matching highest durability and quality standards with less drag and great comfort. Specifically made for all swimmers. Whether you're training for the next Ironman or just having a good time at the lake. You will feel more freedom and have an even better time around the water.

Jurystatement: The logical evolution of the Restube – versatile, space-saving, and easy to use, to name just a few of its benefits

PATAGONIA – M'S R3 Yulex Front-Zip Full Suit

Category: Wetsuits

The R3 Yulex neoprene-free wetsuit uses a FSC-certified rubber blend that is durable and flexible. The plant-based Yulex rubber lessens the dependence on petroleum and reduces C02 emissions in manufacturing by at least 70%. For the last eight years, the company has pioneered the use of natural rubber in wetsuits. Surfers and manufacturers can now choose plants over petroleum.

Jurystatement: This eco-friendly product is a major evolution for our industry because its an open source innovation. A big shout-out to Patagonia for opening the doors to sustainable wetsuits.

m0dular – Pumptrack

Category: Sports Infrastructure

The Modular Pumptrack is the ultimate playground for all ages, of all skill levels, riding any sports equipment with wheels. The fundamental design ensures that all of these user groups will enjoy the same fun and exciting experience. It is designed by riders, developed by professional product engineers, and handmade in Europe. We bring the thrill of riding to the people, bridging generation gaps and promoting exercise in any environment.

Jurystatement: Pump tracks are just a great thing. They are a meeting point for a  town's two-wheel communities, and Bikeparcitect's modular system is unique. The jury was happy and didn't hesitate to give this product our seal of approval.

Citybug – E-Scooter

Category: Scooter

The Citybug2 is the next generation of urban mobility. With its reduced design and maximum comfort, it gets the driver anywhere in the city. With innovative functionalities like the intuitive riding with "push and pull" and proven "no fuss technology", it offers a joyful ride. This compact street kit on two wheels comes with a huge fun factor and a very small ecological impact.

Jurystatement: A fun product for everyone and a great solution for environmentally friendly mobility.

Giro Sport Design – Stellar MIPS Helmet

Category: Helmets

Stellar MIPS includes Conform Fit Technology, allowing the whole helmet to adapt to the size and shape of your head. It is not a traditional fit system where the inner liner moves; the whole outer shell adjusts to your head for the best fit and best low-profile look. This design required a lot of work with our partner, MIPS, to develop a low-friction liner that adapts to that intricate design. Tool-free integrated POV camera mount. 

Jurystatement: Giro managed to optimize the ski helmet per se with the Stellar and its ingenious adjustment system.

The North Face – The North Face Access Pack

Category: Backpacks&Bags

The North Face Access Pack is redefining the meaning of what a backpack is, how a backpack functions and the way the user interacts with a backpack. Three revolutionary patent-pending features come together in a sleek, modern design, creating a totally new user experience, enhancing the way a pack functions, and saving time and stress for today's explorers on the go.

Jurystatement: Superb engineering and a convincing concept with great attention to detail.

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