Fischer PROFOIL Steigfell (Quelle: Fischer)Early Bird JACKDAW Ski (Quelle: Early Bird)Black Diamond MISSION PANTS	 (Quelle: Black Diamond )YES 20/20 Snowboard (Quelle: YES)Snowfoot (Quelle: Snowfoot)Salomon MTN LAB Freeride & Touring Boots (Quelle: Salomon)La Sportiva G2 SM Bergschuh  (Quelle: La Sportiva )Julbo-AEROSPACE-Skibrille (Quelle: Julbo AEROSPACE)HUBBER HELMET von Picture Organic (Quelle: Picture Organic)MERINO-AIR BASELAYER von Patagonia (Quelle: Patagonia)
Fischer PROFOIL Steigfell (Quelle: Fischer)
Fischer PROFOIL Steigfell
Bild: Fischer
Early Bird JACKDAW Ski (Quelle: Early Bird)
Early Bird JACKDAW Ski
Bild: Early Bird
Black Diamond MISSION PANTS	 (Quelle: Black Diamond )
Bild: Black Diamond
YES 20/20 Snowboard (Quelle: YES)
YES 20/20 Snowboard
Bild: YES
Snowfoot (Quelle: Snowfoot)
Bild: Snowfoot
Salomon MTN LAB Freeride & Touring Boots (Quelle: Salomon)
Salomon MTN LAB Freeride & Touring Boots
Bild: Salomon
La Sportiva G2 SM Bergschuh  (Quelle: La Sportiva )
La Sportiva G2 SM Bergschuh
Bild: La Sportiva
Julbo-AEROSPACE-Skibrille (Quelle: Julbo AEROSPACE)
HUBBER HELMET von Picture Organic (Quelle: Picture Organic)
HUBBER HELMET von Picture Organic
Bild: Picture Organic
MERINO-AIR BASELAYER von Patagonia (Quelle: Patagonia)
Bild: Patagonia

Fischer PROFOIL Climbing Skins

Climbing skin for ski mountaineers with PROFOIL technology crown grip for better glide and stride performance. The skin’s glide features provide better performance than the traditional synthetic fiber/mohair design.

Earlybird JACKDAW Ski

Sustainably produced freeride skis from environmentally friendly fibers, a bio-based epoxy resin and regional Swiss wood, plus a P-Tex top sheet made from recycled materials.

Black Diamond MISSION PANTS        

The ultimate in freeride ski pants made from waterproof, breathable three-layer Gore-Tex material. Clever: the foam-lined PIEPS pocket allows you to securely store your harness equipment.

YES 20/20 Snowboard

The first true-twin freestyle board, designed for riding in powder. The 3D Powder Hull Design with a pronounced base concave at the nose and tail ensure exceptional speed and lift.


Lightweight, compact snowshoe specially developed for freeriders are a must-have item when not embarking on a ski touring or splitboard adventure. The crampons ensure excellent grip, even on extremely steep terrain.

Salomon MTN LAB Freeride & Touring Boots

Weighing just 1.6 kilograms, these uphill all-rounders work like a light ski touring shoe while its carbon spine ensures it performs with the direct energy transmission of a freeride ski shoe, providing rearward support when skiing.

La Sportiva G2 SM Climbing Shoe

The first shoe for extreme mountaineering, with BOA quick lacing system developed in cooperation with Alpine climber Simone Moro. The result is a warm, sturdy and comfortable dual-layer shoe.

Julbo AEROSPACE Goggles

With its innovative SuperFlow ventilation system that enables the lens to slide forward, winter athletes will never again see their goggles fog up during ascent. 

HUBBER HELMET by Picture Organic

Durable ski and snowboard helmet made from a polymer derived from corn, EPS foam collected from recycled automotive industry materials and water-based inks. Winner of the ISPO ECO ACHIEVEMENT AWARD.


A base layer made from 51% merino wool and 49% recycled polyester. Its innovative woven technology makes the garment even softer, giving it an almost weightless feel.


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