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 How Outdoor Managers in China Will Be Trained
China | 23.03.2017

Outdoor Manager Training in China

How “Outdoor Club Manager Training” Will Get China in Shape for the Mountains

How Outdoor Managers in China Will Be Trained. The outdoor sector in China is still a dormant giant. (Quelle: Imago)
The outdoor sector in China is still a dormant giant.
Bild: Imago
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Outdoor sport is still at the beginning in China. To change this quickly, ISPO ACADEMY is organizing the “Outdoor Club Manager Training”. China’s outdoor sector will be made fit for the future here.

In terms of sport, China is a developing country. Tourism, trade and associations confirm that.

While Chinese national sports such as table tennis and gymnastics have been in the foreground seemingly forever, winter, mountain and outdoor sports in China are definitely sleeping giants which are now slowly being awoken.

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China Discovers the Outdoor Market

On the one hand China’s newly developed middle class are just discovering their freedoms and opportunities. Running to keep fit? Ski holidays or hiking trips in the Chinese mountains? Reserved for an elite circle of people until recent years, recreational sport is now mainstream in China.

On the other hand, recreational sport could not break through for a long time due to a simple lack of the necessary infrastructure.

Poorly equipped ski and mountain resorts as well as a lack of trained guides and ski coaches further obstructed access to the new recreational activities which are presented at ISPO SHANGHAI and BEIJING.

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B2B Platform for Outdoor Companies

But China learns extremely quickly and the ISPO ACADEMY is accelerating this learning effect.

With the “Outdoor Club Manager Training” program which was represented at an event at ISPO BEIJING 2017, for the first time there is a B2B platform which aims to sustainably improve the theme of adventure travel.

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The courses that club managers from diverse outdoor areas can take part in will be supported by the National Sports Bureau and the National Tourism Bureau in China.

The series of courses of the “Outdoor Club Manager Training” program, which was first brought to life at ISPO SHANGHAI 2015, has become a key component of the ISPO ACADEMY in China and will accordingly be integrated in the new theme world concept.

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ISPO ACADEMY reacted to the outdoor managers’ needs with its training courses which aim to adapt their skills and knowledge to the necessary standards in the areas of organization, marketing, product development, training and finance.

ISPO ACADEMY gets China’s outdoor sector in shape with “Outdoor Club Manager Training”. (Quelle:
ISPO ACADEMY gets China’s outdoor sector in shape with “Outdoor Club Manager Training”.

Networking at ISPO BEIJING

“I wanted to bring my company to a new level by doing the course”, says Li Huachun, manager at Xi’an Ice Rock Adventure Travel: “The opportunity to get information from important companies in China is exceptional and very valuable.”

At the same time many participants are using the events as networking events, as Dai Jiaqi explains after the course during ISPO BEIJING : “Many colleagues from the industry are taking part in the training sessions and it is a very good opportunity to exchange ideas.”

“Moreover, we are presented with the latest innovations in the industry”, says the founder and CEO of the company Beijing Shui-Lu Union Outdoor Sports.       

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Feedback from the Outdoor Manager

The relatively young project should grow in the coming years and a finer control of the themes and courses has already been considered.

For example in the area of new medias there should be own events for the communications departments of outdoor clubs, and courses for outdoor camp leaders are planned.

Until the new contents are drawn up, the initial aim will be to record the feedback from the course participants. Shi Fuxi, manager at Shenyang Wo-Cao Culture Communication wants more: “The training sessions can easily last a number of days.”

Discover the variety and innovation of the Asian sports market at ISPO SHANGHAI 2017 from 6 to 8 July >>>

Florian Pertsch (Quelle: ISPO)
Article by Florian Pertsch, author
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