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 The Upcoming Textile Trends: PFC free, Natural and Visibility
Textiles | 23.02.2017


ISPO TEXTRENDS Presents the Upcoming Textile Trends: PFC free, Natural and Visibility

The Upcoming Textile Trends: PFC free, Natural and Visibility. Das ISPO TEXTRENDS Forum auf der ISPO MUNICH 2017. (Quelle: Messe München GmbH)
Das ISPO TEXTRENDS Forum auf der ISPO MUNICH 2017.
Bild: Messe München GmbH
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The newly designed ISPO TEXTRENDS FORUM pulled in the crowds as the latest textile and trim developments were revealed. An overall mood of optimism shone through for fall/winter 2018/2019 seen in colors, visual appeal and touch as three major themes were outlined.

With more than 2,800 visitors attending ISPO TEXTRENDS and the daily conferences as the selected products were revealed in a newly designed forum. Three main themes, outlined by the international jury who selected the products featured: PFC FREE, NATURAL and VISIBILITY

PFC FREE – new eco friendly solutions 

The importance of a cleaner textile process was evident throughout the new developments, especially in the area of PFCs. Greenpeace has been calling on the textile industry to eliminate all hazardous chemicals from its supply chain, highlighting PFCs as one of the priority hazardous chemical groups to eliminate.

The Detox Outdoor campaign put the spotlight on the outdoor apparel sector, for using PFCs in making waterproof membranes and water-repellent coating and they are getting a positive result.

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Gore, a market leader in weatherproofing technologies announced during ISPO MUNICH that it will eliminate PFCs of Environmental Concern from its general outdoor weatherproofing laminates, 85 per cent by the end of 2020 and from its specialized weatherproofing laminates the remaining 15 per cent of products by the end of 2023.


The company will develop new, more environmentally friendly technologies for weatherproof membranes and water repellent coatings for consumer products, researching both fluorine-free and fluorinated options, and publicly document that no hazardous PFCs are released into the environment throughout the product life cycle.

This positive news was already evident in the ISPO TEXTRENDS forum as a wide range of PFC-free products were displayed. Global Merino offered a hybrid blend of merino wool/polyester in a double-sided spacer structure with a PFC free DWR. 3M Scotchguard PFC-free offered higher durability to provide durable dynamic water repellency to a range of synthetic bases.

Nanomembrane’s range of commercial PFC-free products also attracted attention. Their plasma DWR PFC-free laminate, with a fiber diameter of less than 150 nm, provided  eco-friendly laminates with thermal regulation, breathability, waterproofing and windproof function to fabrics.

ISPO TEXTRENDS zeichnet jedes Jahr Innovationen in der Textilbranche aus und erkennt die Trends der Zukunft. (Quelle: Messe München GmbH)
ISPO TEXTRENDS zeichnet jedes Jahr Innovationen in der Textilbranche aus und erkennt die Trends der Zukunft.
Bild: Messe München GmbH

NATURAL: from merino wool to tencel

With sustainability outlined at the ISPO TEXTRENDS conferences as a ‘fundamental’ rather than a trend, the eco mood is permanently par for the course throughout all sectors of the textile chain. The second key theme was Natural rather than eco, as it was clear during the judging that there is a definite return 100 per cent natural as well as to the continued interest in hybrid blends. On the natural fiber front, wool, silk, cotton, kapok and cashmere featured alongside bio-based developments.

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LMA offers a cupro/wool blend of single jersey that offered hypoallergenic properties alongside moisture absorbing, thermal regulation and excellent dye ability without the use of chemicals, giving it a strong sustainable advantage. A blend of merino wool and Tencel offered a cool quick-drying trans-seasonal fabric from Designer Textiles. High functionality featured in a 100 per cent wool double knit from Island Cosmos, offering moisture management, thermal regulation and water repellency through a performance finishing.

VISIBILITY – duality offers safety and personalized products

Reflective products came to the forefront, there was barely a sector within ISPO TEXTRENDS that didn’t have a selected reflective products, from zippers to trims, to street sports and outer layers, the duality that these products offer in the form of safety combined with the ability to customize and personalize products was evident.

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Printed reflective products featured, by far one of the most interesting from Everest, with a rainbow printed reflective print on a polyester/spandex base. Safe Reflections upped the ante with their patented reflective coating that can be applied to textured fabrics, while for that finished touch and unique aspect, reflective embroidery yarn featured from Gunold. 

The ISPO TEXTRENDS trend book contains the 400 plus products in full detail featured in the forum is available to buy online.  An essential working tool for 365 days a year sourcing from your desk.

Stars at the ISPO MUNICH 2016 (Quelle: Messe München GmbH)
Article by Louisa Smith, trend scout
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