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 Cute bears win 30.000 Euro
Sustainability | 23.03.2016

Outdoor companies support environment protection

EOCA-Voting: These are the winners

Cute bears win 30.000 Euro. Saving the Spectacled Bear at Yanacocha Reserve, Ecuador (Quelle: Nigel Simpson)
Saving the Spectacled Bear at Yanacocha Reserve, Ecuador
Bild: Nigel Simpson
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The European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) completed their voting and chose a winner. This project supports the protection of the environment.

Up for election were projects from the categories Outdoor, Nature and Alpine. Each winner gets 30.000 Euro to support their goals. In the past 10 years EOCA awarded 1,8 Million Euros donations for conservation projects. For their 10 year anniversary in EOCA hopes to raise another 200.000 Euros to reach a total of 2 Million donations.

These are the winners 2016:

Outdoor: Rescue of the Spectacled Bear, Ecuador.

Saving the Spectacled Bear at Yanacocha Reserve, Ecuador (Quelle: Kathis Borgmann)
Saving the Spectacled Bear at Yanacocha Reserve, Ecuador
Bild: Kathis Borgmann

A bear called Paddignton is probably the most well known Spectacled Bear. Unfortunately his conspecifics aren't having the same good life as he has. Deforestation and forest fires destroy the habitat of the bear within the Yanacocha Reserve. Less than 2.000 bears are now living there. To save the living space of the Spectacled Bear the project aims to implement fire prevention strategies and use cameras to monitor the population.

Nature: Humpback Whales in the Eastern Caribbean

Humpback Whales in the Eastern Caribbean (Quelle: V. Vivadelli)
Humpback Whales in the Eastern Caribbean
Bild: V. Vivadelli

The Eastern Caribbean is the breeding habitat of anew population of Humpback Whales. These whales suffer from multiple human induces like entanglements in nets, chemical and noise pollution and hunting. The goal is to make the conservation popular through responsible whale-watching-programmes. The donation will go towards training for whale-watching guides. In addition data is secured to research the unknown population.

Alpine: Rewilding the Highlands, Scotland

Rewilding the Highlands, Scotland (Quelle: Alan Watson-Featherstone)
Rewilding the Highlands, Scotland
Bild: Alan Watson-Featherstone

Dundreggan is the flagship conversation of Tree's for Life with 4000 hectare land. The project focuses on conservation and recovery of the Scottish Highlands over the next 250 years. Over 300 volunteers will plant 50.000 trees and create patterns of disturbance by mimicking the presence of wolves to allow young trees to flourish. The cooperation with local communities is a vital part in the conservation of the Highlands.

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