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 b.Lock by Cobrax Is Reinventing the Snap
Innovation | 29.05.2017

The Snap by Riri Group: Special Attention for Special Buttons

Ten Years of Development: b.Lock by Cobrax Is Reinventing the Snap

b.Lock by Cobrax Is Reinventing the Snap. The Riri Group is setting new standards for snaps with the b.Lock. (Quelle: Riri Group)
The Riri Group is setting new standards for snaps with the b.Lock.
Bild: Riri Group
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Snap buttons seem fairly standard – no matter whether for ski pants, outdoor jackets, or sports bags. Over 100 years after the invention of the snap, one of the leading suppliers from the fashion industry, the Riri Group, seems to have once again made a crucial further development to the button. With their so-called b.Lock snap, the Riri brand Cobrax promises that accidental openings due to lateral forces are a thing of the past.

“There’s never been a snap like the b.Lock before,” says Nantas Montonati, Sales and Marketing Manager of the Riri Group.

According to him, the button is unique in the way it combines three essential features: functionality, aesthetics, and cost efficiency.

The innovative opening system of the b.Lock snap. (Quelle: Riri Group)
The innovative opening system of the b.Lock snap.
Bild: Riri Group

Cobrax Solves common Problem

Cobrax put ten years of research and development into the solution of a common problem for sports clothing and products: snaps that spring open when pulled sideways.

With b.Lock, the company is presenting the first patented solution for snaps that are guaranteed to stay closed even under strong longitudinal forces, but can nevertheless be opened just as comfortably as conventional snaps.

The developers state that only a lateral pulling force of 30 to 35 kilograms will result in straining. Only starting at a pulling force of 50 to 60 kilograms does the metal begin to break. The Cobrax b.Lock could, for example, replace several buttons and Velcro fasteners on the waistband of a pair of outdoor pants.

b.Lock Provides "cleaner Look"

“The use of an individual button makes for a cleaner look. Many pieces of clothing become a lot more aesthetic that way,” says Nantas Montonati.

As a provider, Cobrax allows manufacturers free choice when it comes to the design of the button: “The button is quite unique, but naturally it’s possible to adapt the head of the button to the customer’s wishes.”

Nantas Montonati is Sales and Marketing Manager of the Riri Group. (Quelle: Riri Group)
Nantas Montonati is Sales and Marketing Manager of the Riri Group.
Bild: Riri Group


The b.Lock is naturally not a discount product, the Sales and Marketing Manager Nantas Montonati explains. But those who want to use a b.Lock instead of three or four buttons will automatically reduce the price for further material and for the processing of additional buttons.

This pays off in the end, especially when the product gains in functionality and appearance. The demand by the market was always there during the ten-year development period, says Montonati. 

But with Riri, innovation doesn’t end with the completion of product development: The company uses an innovative approach to get into contact with potential business partners.

In an ISPO OPEN INNOVATION project, the Riri Group provided product managers and creative minds the opportunity to equip their samples or prototypes with the b.Lock snap. The neutral ISPO platform provides a virtual place for designers and developers to discuss the product properties, its use cases and possible application.

Stay up to date with the newest developments around the b.Lock snap. Learn more here >>>

According to the Riri manager, the ISPO OPEN INNOVATION project was "an outstanding opportunity for manufacturers to be among the first in the market to use b.Lock." By implementing this high quality button, sports companies could show their customers that they are making use of something very special, innovative, and unique.

Since the processing of the snaps works just like every “normal” snap, getting samples upgraded with the b.Lock snap is easily done and completely organized by Riri.

Riri: Traditional Company with an International Reputation

Companies who work together with Riri will collaborate with a long-established player from the fashion industry. The specialist for zippers was found in 1936. In 2008, the firm bought several companies including Cobrax – the result being the Riri Group.

Cobrax is specialized in buttons and is the brand distributing the b.Lock. Today, the Riri Group is one of the world’s leading enterprise groups in the field of zippers, rivets, snaps, and jeans buttons.

Ten years of development: Learn all about the b.Lock through ISPO OPEN INNOVATION >>>

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Article by Claudia Klingelhöfer, author
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