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 What Vonn, Shiffrin, and Lara Gut Take Off On: The Skis of the Stars
Winter-sports | 02.12.2016

Ski manufacturers competing for World Cup stars

Skis of the Stars: What Shiffrin, Lara Gut, Rebensburg, Lindsey Vonn, and Mancuso Take Off On

What Vonn, Shiffrin, and Lara Gut Take Off On: The Skis of the Stars. Viktoria Rebensburg (left), Eva-Maria Brem, and Lara Gut (right) present their ski manufacturers in the proper light on the podium. (Quelle: Imago)
Viktoria Rebensburg (left), Eva-Maria Brem, and Lara Gut (right) present their ski manufacturers in the proper light on the podium.
Bild: Imago
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Mikaela Shiffrin sets off on Atomic skis, Stöckli has Tina Maze, Viktoria Rebensburg, and Julia Mancuso under contract, while Lara Gut and Lindsey Vonn represent Head: The World Cup stars are highly coveted as poster children for ski manufacturers. shows which ski brands and models are ridden by the best female skiers in the world.

The fact that things with the world’s best female skiers is close to approaching the soccer transfer market can be easily explained with the example of Stöckli. The Swiss ski maker had signed Tina Maze years ago, and thus landed an absolute slam-dunk from a marketing perspective.

Tina Maze is a bitter loss for Stöckli

The Slovene, one of the most complete ski racers of her time, was one of the very few athletes to succeed in the feat of winning all five disciplines in one World Cup season. She was also a repeat Olympic champion and World Cup winner, gaining 26 World Cup wins and on the pedestal another few dozen times – with her Swiss skis in hand. In the 2012/2013 season, she reached 2,414 World Cup points: a record!

Thank you for the all the great and "tinamazing" moment with us Tina! All the best for the Last World Cup Race and...

Posted by Stöckli on Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2016

The one problem with such an athlete, from a sponsor perspective, is the fact that such a fine career has its limits. At age 33, Maze announced at the season kickoff in Sölden that she would be ending her career, and only wanted to contend in a farewell race in her hometown of Maribor. A bitter loss for Stöckli.

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Rebensburg “inheriting” technician from Maze

The Swiss were prepared, and have long since signed a replacement: Julia Mancuso and Viktoria Rebensburg have already been riding with Stöckli for a while now, more or less successfully. After a hip surgery, American girl Mancuso has been working on a comeback in the World Cup for a year (read an interview with Mancuso here >>>), but thanks to her social media activity has been very publicly present, albeit more often in a bikini than a racing suit.

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Posted by Julia Mancuso on Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2016

The Lake Tegernsee native By now, Rebensburg is even writing a blog posts on Facebook from time to time, but is distinctly stronger on the piste, with special improvement in the speed disciplines since the switch from Nordica to Stöckli. Last season she was successful in something she’d never managed before: podium finishes in three disciplines in the same season, namely in giant slalom, Super G, and in downhill. Rebensburg has also “inherited” her service technician Andrea Vianello from Maze.

That may sound banal for ordinary mortals, but it has immense significance for racers. Just as Formula 1 stars can be heard in their cars and encourage improvements, Rebensburg & co. have a special feel for the snow that, in turn, the technician needs to convert into the right preparation of the skis.

Competition in own ski team

Even in major racing teams, like Head for example, that have several winning candidates in their portfolio at the same time, it can happen that one or two stars don’t feel supported enough and jealously switches over to the in-house competition.

The best example: the spectacular duel between Maria Höfl-Riesch and Lindsey Vonn, which dragged on for several years and didn’t always go that harmoniously. Even today, the women with Vonn, Anna Veith (formerly Fenninger), and Lara Gut have three potential overall World Cup winners, on their way with the skis from Kennelbach in Vorarlberg, Austria.

However, bigger upheavals on the transfer markets aren’t to be expected for the time being. The World Cup in St. Moritz is lined up for February 2017, and the Olympics for the year after that. Only thereafter will something like this happen again in the teams.

And Tina Maze? She’s sticking with skiing as a coach and scout for Stöckli, as confirmed by Winter Sports Director Walter Reusser – relationships close to those in pro soccer.

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An overview of the World Cup stars’ skis:


Star skierBrandModelPrice
Mikaela ShiffrinAtomicRedster Doubledeck 3.0 SL Women€899
Wendy HoldenerHeadWorldcup Rebel i.SL€850
Federica BrignoneRossignolHero FIS SL R21 WC€1050
Frida HansdotterRossignolHero FIS SL R21 WC€1050
Veronika Velez-ZuzulováSalomonX-Race Lab 157€899

Giant Slalom

Star skierBrandModelPrice
Mikaela ShiffrinAtomicRedster Doubledeck 3.0 GS Women€899
Wendy HoldenerHeadWorldcup Rebels i.GS RD€1050
Federica BrignoneHeadHero FIS GS R21 WC€1050
Frida HansdotterHeadHero FIS GS R21 WC€1050
Veronika Velez-ZuzulováSalomonX-Race Lab 157€899

Super G

Star skierBrandModelPrice
Viktoria RebensburgStöckliLaser DH€875
Lara GutHeadWorldcup Rebels i.DH€1120
Lindsey VonnHeadWorldcup Rebels i.DH€1120
Tina WeiratherAtomicRedster Doubledeck 3.0 DH€1130
Julia MancusoStöckliLaser DH€875


Star skierBrandModelPrice
Viktoria RebensburgStöckliLaser SG€875
Lara GutHeadWorldcup Rebels i.SG€1120
Lindsey VonnHeadWorldcup Rebels i.SG€1120
Tina WeiratherAtomicRedster Doubledeck 3.0 SG€1130
Julia MancusoStöckliLaser SG€875

Article by Thomas Becker, Author
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