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Award | 22.01.2016

ISPO AWARD 2016/2017

GOLD WINNERS of the segment SKI

LEKI – Tour Stick Vario Carbon (Quelle: LEKI)Arc´teryx – VOLTAIR  (Quelle: Arc´teryx)ARVA – AXIO (Quelle: ARVA)CEECOACH (Quelle: CEECOACH)Dynafit – TLT7 Performance Boot (Quelle: Dynafit)Fischer – The CURV (Quelle: Fischer)INDIGO – ACR (Quelle: INDIGO)K2 Skis – Marksman (Quelle: K2 Skis)Lonely Mountain Skis – Sneachda (Quelle: Lonely Mountain Skis)MARKER – GripWalk (Quelle: MARKER )MARKER – Phoenix Carbon OTIS (Quelle: MARKER)Nordica – Speedmachine 130 (Quelle: Nordica)ORTOVOX – PEAK  (Quelle: ORTOVOX )KJUS – Men BT 2.0 Glove (Quelle: KJUS)ORTOVOX – 2L ANDERMATT JACKET (Quelle: ORTOVOX)Peak Performance – Milan Jacket (Quelle: Peak Performance)POC – Spine VPD 2.0 Airbag vest (Quelle: POC )PYUA – Men's 3L 'CONTINUUM-Y' (Quelle: PYUA)Rottefella – Xcelerator Pro Classic (Quelle: Rottefella)SALOMON – XT-ONE (Quelle: SALOMON)Tecnica – Tecnica Zero G Guide Pro 130 (Quelle: Tecnica)uvex sports – uvex p.8000 tour (Quelle: uvex sports )
LEKI – Tour Stick Vario Carbon (Quelle: LEKI)
LEKI – Tour Stick Vario Carbon
Image: LEKI
Arc´teryx – VOLTAIR  (Quelle: Arc´teryx)
Arc´teryx – VOLTAIR
Image: Arc´teryx
ARVA – AXIO (Quelle: ARVA)
Image: ARVA
Dynafit – TLT7 Performance Boot (Quelle: Dynafit)
Dynafit – TLT7 Performance Boot
Image: Dynafit
Fischer – The CURV (Quelle: Fischer)
Fischer – The CURV
Image: Fischer
K2 Skis – Marksman (Quelle: K2 Skis)
K2 Skis – Marksman
Image: K2 Skis
Lonely Mountain Skis – Sneachda (Quelle: Lonely Mountain Skis)
Lonely Mountain Skis – Sneachda
Image: Lonely Mountain Skis
MARKER – GripWalk (Quelle: MARKER )
MARKER – GripWalk
MARKER – Phoenix Carbon OTIS (Quelle: MARKER)
MARKER – Phoenix Carbon OTIS
Nordica – Speedmachine 130 (Quelle: Nordica)
Nordica – Speedmachine 130
Image: Nordica
KJUS – Men BT 2.0 Glove (Quelle: KJUS)
KJUS – Men BT 2.0 Glove
Image: KJUS
Peak Performance – Milan Jacket (Quelle: Peak Performance)
Peak Performance – Milan Jacket
Image: Peak Performance
POC – Spine VPD 2.0 Airbag vest (Quelle: POC )
POC – Spine VPD 2.0 Airbag vest
Image: POC
PYUA – Men's 3L 'CONTINUUM-Y' (Quelle: PYUA)
Image: PYUA
Rottefella – Xcelerator Pro Classic (Quelle: Rottefella)
Rottefella – Xcelerator Pro Classic
Image: Rottefella
Tecnica – Tecnica Zero G Guide Pro 130 (Quelle: Tecnica)
Tecnica – Tecnica Zero G Guide Pro 130
Image: Tecnica
uvex sports – uvex p.8000 tour (Quelle: uvex sports )
uvex sports – uvex p.8000 tour
Image: uvex sports

LEKI – Tour Stick Vario Carbon

Category: Poles

Foldable carbon pole with Trigger S Vertical integrated into the Aergon grip. The pole length can be fixed with Speed Lock 2. Fold/unfold the pole within seconds with the push-button-release.The pole stays connected to the hand with the Trigger S Vertical strap and can easily be clicked in and out with the Trigger and Loop. A flex band in the strap offers upward freedom of movement and maximum downward power transmission: An additional traverse hook for a different grip position is available.

Jurystatement: Trigger S is now also set to go touring! The safety mechanism is a great development and we also liked the little hook below the actual grip to have a tighter grip when hiking up a steep slope.

Arc´teryx – VOLTAIR 

Category: Avalanche Airbags

Voltair uses a Lithium-ion Polymer battery allowing multiple, same-day deployments down to -30°C. Users can train, test and deploy the balloon without hesitation. Custom-engineered impeller provides airflow and inflation pressure as effective as compressed gas. Innovative leg loop system provides a user-friendly experience and the always accessible trigger can be unlocked with a simple twist. A weatherproof AC² pack keeps your gear protected.

Jurystatement: A great airbag system without gas cartridges that allows the user to deploy the airbags multiple times a day – for training or emergency situations. Another benefit is the waterproof backpack, which is perfect for touring and skiing in bad weather.


Category: Avalanche Safety

The AXIO is the high-end beacon of the ARVA range. The third antenna can be deployed to create a real landmark built by the three antennas of the beacon. The "Spheric Search Technology" is marking the end of the well-known sequence: "main antenna on primary, second antenna on secondary and third antenna on final search". The three antennas of the AXIO are working simultaneously for immediate and precise multi-victim search and discovery.

Jurystatement: By adding a third antenna to this beacon, ARVA created a device that will help locate avalanche victims faster and easier. Also, the device is lightweight and easy to use, turning it into a valuable addition to the existing selection on the market.


Category: Mobile Devices

CEECOACH makes training more effective, fun and safe. With this device, two to six participants can communicate over a distance of up to 500 meters using modern Bluetooth technology. Whether you are horseback riding, mountain biking, climbing, or doing winter sports: CEECOACH creates a network without a cellular network – with perfect sound quality. All functions can be controlled with just three buttons and the device ist splash and dust-proof.

Jurystatement: Convincing and easy system for group communication whether you’re on the slope, the bike, or in any other environment, practicing your favorite sport with your friends or clients.

Dynafit – TLT7 Performance Boot

Category: Speedtouring Boots

Ski touring boot to climb faster and save energy, created for speed tourers seeking enhanced performance in ascent and descent. The TLT7`s Speed Nose makes walking easier. The movements to manage the ski-walk system and to open and close the boot are reduced to a minimum thanks to the dual function Ultralock 3.0 system. Improved skiing performance thanks to a Titantex fiber cuff and Lambda frame, which surrounds the boot and renders it stiffer.

Jurystatement: Dynafit really scored with perfect design and optimum stiffness in this super lightweight boot that will even attract rather downhill-oriented skiers.

Fischer – The CURV

Category: Ski on Piste

Extremely similar to the professional equipment from the World Cup, but still suitable for the slopes: THE CURV makes extreme performance manageable with a high-quality technology package: Triple Radius enables previously unattained dynamic turns, the Progressive Sidecut concept means the ski has the optimum dimensions for the preferred skiing style, and the DiagotexTM carbon laminate known from racing makes sure that the torsion is perfect.

Jurystatement: This ski offers Worldcup technology to every ambitious skier. Thanks to its triple radius, the CURV is solid and precise in every turn.


Category: Ski All Mountain

Due to the innovative Torsion Control Technology, skiing characteristics can be significantly influenced by simply swapping the skis: Rigid carbon on the inner side of the ski for an extremely sporty performance, or fiberglass for enjoyable and effortless skiing pleasure. INDIGO ACR – Two skis in one. 

Jurystatement: The ski with its long gap down the middle first looks a bit unusual, but once you understand that it's two skis in one, it all makes sense. Being able to adjust the ski's performance to the terrain and conditions has always been a dream. With Indigo's ACR, this is now possible. All you have to do is swap the left ski to the right and vice versa. A great idea and a very well made product.

K2 Skis – Marksman

Category: Ski off Piste

The Marksman, which was heavily influenced by the ski styles of Pep, Pettit and Mahre, has a totally unique and new look with asymmetrical tips and tails that offer ample platforms for butters and presses while a sculpted outside edge allows for predictable turn engagement and release. The combination of the different edge shapes makes the ski a jack-of-all-trade ski that's both playful in soft snow and a powerful performer on firmer conditions.

Jurystatement: The K2 Marksman with its unique asymmetrical shape and great design is a very tempting one-of-a-kind of freeride ski.

Lonely Mountain Skis – Sneachda

Category: Skitour Skis

The 100mm waist Sneachda is at home on steep descents and cruising through any type of snow conditions. With its carbon/flax construction and playful camber, it's fun in softer conditions and will hold a good edge in harder snow. If you want a fun, dependable ski for short to medium tours, the Sneachda is the ski for you. 

Jurystatement: It's impressive to see a ski like this to be designed in Scotland. The subtle look, the wide geometry and the eco-friendly construction made this a winner!

MARKER – GripWalk

Category: Bindings

Grip Walk is the new sole/binding system for more walking comfort and skiing performance. The slogan "easy going" perfectly describes the characteristics of the Grip Walk. Grip Walk offers better walking grip thanks to a high-profile, slip-resistant sole. Precise power transmission and release function. No additional height adjustment needed by the dealer/rental operator. Compatible with all "Grip Walk ready" bindings.

Jurystatement: Ski boots are not very comfortable or safe when walking on slippery surfaces. That's why Grip Walk soles are the future, not only for beginner or rental boots. To fit this new generation of boots, Marker introduces a binding designed for any kind of alpine boot, including those with Grip Walk soles. A great product that will be appreciated by many skiers who desire more safety in their sport.

MARKER – Phoenix Carbon OTIS

Category: Helmets

The revolutionary MAP Technology features high-tech impact foam with extreme energy-absorbing characteristics. MAP in combination with the Carbon shell means super lightweight, superior fitting, and it works outstandingly in all temperature conditions. MARKER is the only helmet maker to implement this innovative material, which regains its initial form lightning fast after impact to guard against any further impacts that might occur.

Jurystatement: Marker once again scores with a safety product, this time with the Phoenix Carbon OTIS, a helmet taking full advantage of the revolutionary MAP Technology. The result is a very lightweight and comfortable helmet with great protective properties.

Nordica – Speedmachine 130

Category: Alpine Boots

The anatomic shell with new PU material ensures a light and great fit. The Speedmachine offers an innovative customization process on single spots, a gentle heating process with infrared technology without weakening the material or changing the flex. Relevant areas are molded with a negative pressure device. The dealer can fit boots without long waiting time or special boot fitting skills. The Cork-Fit liner and components are 100% customizable.  

Jurystatement: What we loved here was the ability to quickly and efficiently fit those high-performance ski boots with a simple machine that does not influence the whole boot but only a specific part. A great value for both consumers and retailers.


Category: Backpacks&Bags

The PEAK series is a ski mountaineering pack, offering great comfort with a back system made of Swisswool. Pressed, heated and covered by Nylon fabric, the wool improves the functionality: the back system absorbs 29 times more moisture than standard foam while the inner dries just as fast, and the surface even faster! With additional 7% higher breathability, the PEAK offers great wearing comfort and uses sustainable sources.

Jurystatement: There is a "wooly feeling" about this backpack, with its back panel made of wool, that all the jury members could feel and appreciate when they tried it on.

KJUS – Men BT 2.0 Glove

Category: Gloves

The BT 2.0 Glove features a Bluetooth handset with integrated OLED display to get you in full control of incoming and missed calls, a waterproof speaker and microphone with noisecancelling technology. The glove construction features a comfort-mapped lining, conductive leather for touchscreen navigation, molded visco-elastic foam knuckle protection, full-leather palms, detachable wrist-leashes, and a 2-in-1 attachment hook system.

Jurystatement: This glove is a dream come true. Like magic, you accept calls in the ski lift or make a call from the ski lodge, simply by holding your fingers to your mouth and ear. But that's not all, because the glove itself is wonderfully crafted and made of the best materials.


Category: Outer Layer 2 L

Black sheep are different, individual, and walk their own tracks. Regarding functionality, their wool is just as good as white wool, but so far it was not used for apparel. Ortovox uses black wool as a natural insulation of 90-150g, depending on the zone. Packed into a wind- and waterproof layer of Toray Dermizax NX and combined with features like teddy wool (chin area), ANDERMATT stands for pure individuality. 

Jurystatement: Sleek styling and clever ventilation created a strong graphic effect. The inclusion of black wool as insulation added a sustainable aspect.

Peak Performance – Milan Jacket

Category: Lifestyle & Fashion

3in1 jacket designed for both the city and skiing. The minimalist design makes a statement in both environments. Beautifully tailored with maximum mobility. Shell: Japanese Gore C-knit, long contemporary silhouette, Aquaguard zips, large hood, tall collar with laser-cut air holes. Liner: bomber style with stretchy windproof fabric and exclusive next-generation, stretchy, breathable and no-loft Aerogel composite insulation. 

Jurystatement: The clean and elegant look, combined with a progressive silhouette and new executed construction makes this jacket combo "Bad Ass"!

POC – Spine VPD 2.0 Airbag vest

Category: Protection

The airbag system consists of integrated sensors and uses a precise algorithm to distinguish between a crash or fall from the normal forces associated with Alpine racing. To detect a loss of balance, the system keeps track of the skier's movement by performing 1,000 analysis per second. When a fall is detected, the airbag is inflated in less than 100 milliseconds to provide protection for the neck, chest, spine, abdomen, and hips.

Jurystatement: Professional ski racing has become a lot faster and more dangerous over the years. This product is a great innovation to reduce accidents and bad injuries – and even to save lives.


Category: Outer Layer 3 L

3L bib pant with a twist: It combines the flexibility of a regular bib pant with the protection and freedom of movement of a one-piece suit. It's made with the eco-friendly CLIMALOOP™ laminate (45,000mm/45,000gr) and PFC-free DWR. Elastic fabric in the body provides exceptional wearing comfort. Comes with waterproof zippers and low thigh pockets for easy access. Made in Europe and from 100% recycled polyester.

Jurystatement: We loved this fisherman-style bib as it is very convenient and stylish, with a strong emphasis on environment, yet without compromising performance.

Rottefella – Xcelerator Pro Classic

Category: Cross Country

With the Xcelerator Pro Classic, it's possible to tune your skis by repositioning the binding. Repositioning the binding changes the characteristics of the ski due to the effect it has on the camber. By moving the binding forward, you reduce the force needed to have better grip due to increased contact between the waxing zone and the snow. By moving the binding backwards, you release this contact and achieve a better glide.

Jurystatement: The Rottefella binding deserves the title GOLD WINNER because it's so versatile. Thanks to the binding's adjustment, you either get better grip in rough, undulating terrain, or you glide easier when it's flat.


Kategorie: Goggles&Glasses

The XT-ONE introduces a new fit technology, Custom ID-Fit, which precisely matches each individual's facial features. The unprecedented analysis of the facial structure, movement, and soft tissue led to the development of a goggle with articulated frame and varied foam densities mapped to specific areas of the face to create a soft, comfortable feel. XT-ONE is the combination of pure comfort and high performance that any skier is looking for.

Jurystatement: A very elegant design solution in the goggle frame makes the fit extremely comfortable for many facial shapes. This high-quality, gimmick-free google simply works beautifully.

Tecnica – Tecnica Zero G Guide Pro 130

Category: Freetouring Boots

With its new Zero G Guide Pro 130, Tecnica has created the ultimate combination of a touring and an alpine boot. It's made of a new shell material that is 30% thinner overall but also 2.5 times stiffer. The boot weighs less than 1,500 grams (26.5) but offers outstanding power transfer. It has four buckles and 130 flex for superb downhill performance and comes with an active angle of 44° in ascent mode, as known from current high-class touring boots.

Jurystatement: This is the boot that many freeride and freetouring skiers have been waiting for. Full binding compatibility, high performance ski mode, really lightweight, and a simple ergonomic walk mode. The perfect combination.

uvex sports – uvex p.8000 tour

Category: Skitour Accessories

With the uvex p.8000 tour, uvex created an all-rounder in a class of its own. Certified for skiing, mountaineering, and cycling, the uvex p.8000 tour is not affraid of any challenge. The 310-gram helmet is easily adjustable via an integrated Boa System. The uvex p.8000 tour stands out with sophisticated details such as a goggle holder and a headlamp adaptor. The uvex p.8000 tour comes standard with the RECCO System. 

Jurystatement: Being the perfect helmet for ski touring due to its low weight, the uvex p.8000 tour really deserves being a GOLD WINNER. And the accessories allow it to be used both on warm and cold days.

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