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 Evoc: New Gear for Women and Kids
Gear | 01.12.2015

Award-winning backpack with protector

Evoc: New Gear for Women and Kids

Evoc: New Gear for Women and Kids. Small, yellow and blue: Evoc's FR SKID (Quelle: Evoc)
Small and resisting the force of an impact: Evoc's FR SKID
Bild: Evoc
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Wear a backpack like a shield: with Evoc's Protector Backpacks, skiers can do just that and enjoy protection from critical back injuries. The Munich company has started to focus marketing activities on a new customer sector, with backpacks designed specifically with women, children and ski fans of short stature in mind.

The FR DAY WOMEN has been aligned to the female anatomy with specially designed shoulder and hip belts. The FR SKID is ideal for shorter torso lengths and is aimed at users with a body height between 1.40 and 1.55 metres. This model has already been awarded the GOLD WINNER title in ISPO Awards (in the Ski section, under “Backpacks & Bags”).

Evoc's selling point is that the gear is not just comfortable and temperature insensitive, but can also resist the force of an impact. If a skier takes a tumble, the built-in protector absorbs up to 95 of the impact energy – thus protecting the fragile spinal column.

ISPO (Quelle: ISPO)
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