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 Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless: Wireless in-ear heart rate monitor
Gear | 30.11.2015

ISPO AWARD GOLD for earphones

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless: Wireless in-ear heart rate monitor

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless: Wireless in-ear heart rate monitor. Earphones: Jabra's Sport Pulse Wireless (Quelle: Jabra)
Earphones: Jabra's Sport Pulse Wireless
Bild: Jabra
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Jabra’s Sport Pulse Wireless equips their new, high-end stereo headphones for athletes with ultra-modern audio technology. The wireless, high-end, in-ear model with Bluetooth measures an athlete’s pulse through their ears, thanks to integrated, biometrical heart rate monitoring.

An infrared sensor shines light against the skin inside the ear to detect pulse and oxygen consumption to generate a reading. The accuracy of this new way of heart rate monitoring was tested at the Campell University of North Carolina, showing a congruency of 99.2% between the Jabra Pulse Sport Wireless and a medical electrocardiogram. PhD Jennifer Bunn, Assistant Professor and Director at the Department of Exercise Science, declared: “For the first time Jabra’s in-ear headphones made biometrical information visible and audible at the same time with the help of an electronic device.”


Jabra presented the Sport Pulse Wireless at ISPO 2015 winning ISPO AWARD GOLD. In order to withstand daily training sessions Jabra’s audio experts made the Bluetooth headphones sweat, water and dust resistant and tested them under extreme conditions. The loudspeaker and control unit are made of stainless steel while the cable is reinforced with Kevlar and extremely robust.

Through the Jabra Sport Life App the headphones can play multimedia-based content in Dolby sound. Users can also set up individual training schedules and receive information about their workout in real time via an announcement directly to the ear. And thanks to Bluetooth the lightweight 16gm headphones can connect via any mobile device on NFC standard.


Weight: 16g
3 EarWing sizes
4,5 hours of music replay
Up to 10 days standby time
Compatible with Endomondo, Run Keeper, Map My Run, Strava
Price: EUR 199.99

Jabra Website

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