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 From Alaska to Mexico on a Surfboard
ISPO-MUNICH | 08.02.2017

Adventurers from California report at ISPO MUNICH 2017

Casey and Ryan Higginbotham: From Alaska to Mexico by Surfboard

From Alaska to Mexico on a Surfboard. The Higginbotham Twins paddled from Alaska to Mexico. (Quelle:
The Higginbotham Twins paddled from Alaska to Mexico.
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Casey and Ryan Higginbotham are twin-brothers. On the search for a true adventure, last year they paddled more than 3500 kilometers from south Alaska to the America-Mexico border on their surfboards – with just the power of their arms. At the ISPO WATER SPORTS VILLAGE pool, they recounted their adventure. 

Seven Months and 3,540 Kilometers Later...

On the search for an adventure and in order to raise awareness for protecting the Pacific coast, last year the two college graduates in Architecture and Politics paddled 3,540 kilometers from south Alaska to the Mexican border on their surfboards – laying on the board powered by their arms and hands. They managed up to 40 kilometers each day. The three months that they had planned quickly turned into seven months.

Read about it here: This happens here at ISPO MUNICH 2017 – the Liveticker from Munich

Encounters with Bears and Sharks

At ISPO MUNICH 2017 they remember how they encountered bears whilst camping in the wild. “And one time I was only around a quarter mile from an estuary in Oregon. Suddenly the board lifted up and I saw this body under me”, recalls Casey Higginbotham. 


The body was that of a great white shark, and was just one of numerous unpleasant encounters with this predator. Today they can both laugh about it.

Partners at ISPO MUNICH 2017

The Higginbotham twins managed to complete their journey thanks to their partners who are exhibiting their equipment at ISPO MUNICH 2017.

Article by Victor Fritzen, author
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