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 China: Chinese Outdoor Association (COA) Provides Insight to Chinese Outdoor Market
CHINA | 21.06.2017

Chinese Outdoor Association (COA): Minimal Growth in 2016 in Retail

Chinese Outdoor Sector Turns Over 2.4 Billion Euros

China: Chinese Outdoor Association (COA) Provides Insight to Chinese Outdoor Market. The Chinese Outdoor Market Offers Yet More Potential (Quelle: Messe München GmbH)
The Chinese Outdoor Market Offers Yet More Potential
Bild: Messe München GmbH
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The Chinese Outdoor Association (COA) shows a minimal increase in retail turnover for its core markets in 2016. Steve Huang, Vice President of the COA stated the turnover for 2016 at 18.44 billion RMB. That is around 2.4 billion Euros. The COA defines core markets as the sales of outdoor products through Chinese and foreign outdoor brands.

In comparison: The European Outdoor Group indicates a retail turnover for Europe of 11.5 billion Euros. The total retail turnover for 2016 in the outdoor sector, including sales from fashion brands, “classic” sportswear manufacturers and discounters was 48 billion RMB (6.3 billion Euros). Brands from the outdoor sector have therefore generated a share of 38 percent. 

Chinese outdoor market: Growth expected

Steve Huang delivered a theory about the growth potential of the market at the outdoor trade fair in Friedrichshafen: “We expect the core market outdoor to grow to 32 billion RMB by 2020.”

There are clear signals here, says the founder of Nanjing B.C Sports Products, without going into these signals in more detail. We are looking to the future with confidence; after a period of recovery, the China Outdoor Association expects that from the end of 2017 the Chinese outdoor market will visibly grow at the beginning of 2018.

COA: Online sales at 15 percent

The online market is in a particular period of growth. In 2016, the sales of outdoor products were distributed as follows:

  • 63 percent of products are sold in shops in shopping centers
  • 21 percent of sales are made in specialist stores
  • 16 percent of outdoor sales are made online

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The forecast from the COA: In 2020, over 30 percent of products will be bought online. Shopping centers will sell just over half and specialist shops just 15 percent of products.

The COA was founded in 2014 by Chinese and international outdoor companies and is a non-profit organization with the goal of building a communication platform for the Chinese outdoor industry.

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Article by Claudia Klingelhöfer, author
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