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 Learn all about Market Entry in China
China | 16.05.2017

Market Introduction Program China

Seminar: ISPO Brings the Chinese Sports Market to Munich

Learn all about Market Entry in China. The Market Introduction Program facilitates comprehensive preparation for companies ahead of entering the Chinese market. (Quelle: Messe München)
The Market Introduction Program facilitates comprehensive preparation for companies ahead of entering the Chinese market.
Bild: Messe München
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Taking the leap to China doesn't have to turn into a business adventure – that is, if you are well prepared for the new market and its peculiarities. With ISPO's Market Introduction Program and a seminar in Munich, things couldn't be simpler.

Obscure bureaucracy. Language and culture barriers. Product piracy. Though there may be quite a few reasons not to expand business to China, there are enough arguments in favor of developing one's company in this region.

The right preparation will allow companies to take any challenges in their stride and keep them one step ahead on a sports market with enormous potential. For this reason, in 2008, Messe München launched the Market Introduction Program for China, which regularly takes place during the ISPO SHANGHAI and ISPO BEIJING exhibitions.

This May now sees the expansion of this service for those interested in the Chinese sports market. ISPO is bringing the successful Market Introduction Program for China to Munich and for the first time, on May 31, will be offering a seminar on the same subject. Here, participants will be given a taste of the demands of the Chinese market through presentations given by, among others: Martin Kössler, initiator of the Market Introduction Program for China; Matthias Preussel, Sales Director Asia-Pacific for LOWA Sportschuhe GmbH; Richard Öhman, founder and owner of Point 65 Kayaks Sweden ; as well as Alex Koska, Fenix Vice President Global Sales at Fenix Outdoor AB.

"Companies are reluctant to enter the Chinese market"

In the run-up to the seminar, spoke with Christoph Rapp, International Sales & Retail Manager and Project Manager of the Market Introduction seminar, about the expansion and demands made of the Market Introduction Program for China, as well as about the new content included in the seminar.

Register for the seminar in Munich here: Mr Rapp, what was the thinking behind the original idea to introduce the Market Introduction Program?
It all started with the Market Introduction Program for China (MIP). The reason we introduced the MIP is that many companies are still reluctant to take the risky step onto the Chinese market. The different culture, the language barrier, and the change in time zones are all factors that contribute to a high level of insecurity and reluctance to expand business to China. Accordingly, there is quite a high demand for sound preparation and advice before entering the new market, a demand ISPO wants to meet with its four-day seminar. Lastly, we of course also hope that successful participants in the Market Introduction Program for China will become exhibitors at ISPO BEIJING and ISPO SHANGHAI in the future.

What feedback did you receive from potential participants?
Participating companies were very satisfied, so the conversion really worked. Of course we always encounter interested parties keen on taking the leap to China that want to use such a Market Introduction Program to inform themselves and see whether their company is ready for new, prospective markets.

"Participants are given an overview of the Chinese market"

Which is why the seminar in Munich was introduced...
Exactly. On May 31, companies interested in the new market will be given the opportunity to gain an overview of the particularities of the Chinese market during a one-day seminar. After the seminar, we will be recommending the complete Market Introduction Program for China taking place from July 4 to 7 in Shanghai to those who feel they want to engage more thoroughly with the subject or even already have concrete plans for expansion.

What is the content of the Munich seminar?
Participants will receive an overview of the Chinese market: How has the market in the sports sector developed? Which segments are in the process of growing? How about the retail structure? The seminar will also use case studies to showcase how companies can successfully take the leap to China. Any further information will be given on site in Beijing or Shanghai.

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And what exactly does "any further information" imply?
We will be going into more detail about, for example, legal frameworks or how to protect one's own brand. Plus,of course, the building blocks of the course that can only be demonstrated and explained properly on site: The retail tour will give participants an insight into the Chinese business world, as well as the opportunity to converse with retailers and network with distributors. The subjects of social media and e-commerce will also form key elements of the event and information presented in Munich will be explained in greater depth. To top it all off, participants will be taken to the exhibition in order to continue networking and gather further vital insights and input for expanding their business to China.

Costs can be counted toward a Market Introduction Program in China

How expensive is the Munich seminar?
The seminar in Munich, which will last approximately six hours, costs 290 Euros and can be offset against a MIP in China. This will be possible in the next two years. So those who feel that ISPO SHANGHAI 2017 with its summer focus is too short notice can have the costs counted toward the winter-focused ISPO BEIJING 2018.

How long do companies interested in the course have to register in advance?
Given that spaces are limited due to the workshop nature of the course, we recommend that companies register by May 24, 2017, at the latest.

Register for the seminar in Munich here:


Florian Pertsch (Quelle: ISPO)
Article by Florian Pertsch, author
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